Monday 17 October 2016

Playing and Party Fun

Playing and Party Fun. This week was busy we spent it playing in the park, in leaves and we went to a pretend birthday party at Hamleys. Pretend? You ask. Hamleys have to train new staff and need children to test them to their limits so Bear was invited along with some other children. A full review will be up later but it was so much fun. We laughed and laughed. I didn't realise what a show stopper he was! By the end of the two hours everyone knew his name and were laughing along with us.




What else did we get up to?

We played in Roath Park and made cookies. That was a bit of a nightmare. Bear is now very independent and knows exactly how he wants to do everything. Also we were in the kitchen when Grandad was making lunch so it was a bit squashed.

Bear thought it was hilarious that Grandad was on the baby swings






Grandad doesn't like mess and it was messy! Flour and butter being shaken all over the place, Bears hands covered in batter and touching everything. Then I gave him sprinkles! This was too much for Grandad he just wanted it all tidied up Lol. We made the cookies and Bear helped tidy up. He is very good with the sweeper and cleaned the floor beautifully. The cookies turned out really good despite the helping hands and the recipe is on the blog, Cooking Cookies With A Toddler.

Next time it will just be Bear and me. Oh and I really need to make him an apron, his T-shirt was so messy I had to change it.

This is supposed to be cookie batter but I used the wrong type of butter! I used spreadable, big mistake

It all worked out OK and Bear loved the sprinkles

Sprinkles got everywhere!

Oh dear we need an apron

Bear had his birthday last week but he spent it with his Mummy and Daddy, then on Saturday he had a birthday party but had so many new toys we gave him his on Tuesday. Here's a quick video of him opening one of his presents.


We had a great week and are really looking forward to this week. Bear is chatting away and every day brings a new wonder.

Have you had a great week?
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