Monday 3 October 2016

Mishaps and Mayhem


This week started with a mishap. Bear was riding his little bike, not madly outside but indoors at home and crashed.
You know when you crash on a bike and a certain bit hits the handle bars? Yep that. Very painful, so he spent Monday with his mum and dad and visited the doctors. All was fine just bruised. On Tuesday he wasn't quite himself so he was allowed to snack in the front room, he fed himself a yoghurt and he's so good with a spoon so I have no idea how he got it on his nose.

I slept in too. I have an alarm at 6.30 but either didn't set it or turned it off. I heard Bear arrive then "Wake up Nanny!". Three words strung together, clever boy. He was very happy on the bed with my iPad while I got dressed.


On Wednesday we went as usual to Tots but what a difference. Bear was crashing and bashing into all the babies and children and laughing. Only two weeks ago Grandad and I were saying how good and kind he was. We're sure its because he was still in pain, although he'd had medicine. I just hope it's a phase as he is such a kind boy usually.


He didn't want to sit anywhere very long but did stop long enough to colour in the apples on the tree.


On Thursday Bear needed to get out but Grandad's hip was playing up so we went to Dyffryn Gardens. We like it there as Bear can run around safely and there are seats everywhere so Grandad can sit and watch.

I managed to put a filter on my phone so all my photos had a strange green hue. More mayhem. There were lots of puddles so Bear was happy. He even invented a new game. I think we will call it golf. He found a Magnolia cone and was hitting it with Grandad's walking stick. 





We visited the pigs and the green house where Bear wanted to eat the tomatoes "Eat!Eat!" he kept saying. He had refused breakfast and had just had a packet of Pom Bear crisps and he doesn't usually want to eat.

We wandered through the fruit and vegetable garden "Eat! Eat!" at everything. the apples, pears and pumpkins. He instead had the ham out of a sandwich, he refused the bread!

He was very interested in the glass cloches and I had to steer him away as they were very heavy and very breakable.
Bear was very strong willed, refusing to come with me, or follow me. just doing his own thing. He is usually happy to walk with us but not this day. 


Bear is there. Crouching down and looking at a drain and refusing to join us.
It wasn't all madness though. On Wednesday I was invited to have some pampering with some blogging friends and that was a very sophisticated affair!


Whats new this week?

Mostly Bear stringing more than two words together. He's also getting better with his colours and knows red and orange, well most of the time.

He's been quite difficult too. Snatching toys, not playing nicely and ignoring us totally but also singing and dancing to all the songs at Tots. I think he's just trying it on!

Bear is two this week, maybe it's the terrible two's? What do you think? Did your little ones go through a phase like this?

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