Sunday 31 January 2016

A Granny Nanny's Typical Day

I have read a lot of Mums and Dads typical day and they are fascinating to read. Every one is so different even though they all do the same things, if that makes sense. So I thought this weeks diary would be our typical day. Bear, Grandad and me.

Grandad is a lark, everyday without fail he gets up before the sun. I am an owl so early mornings are rubbish.

The times I've given below are just like the railways or bus timetables. Not very accurate. Sometimes nothing happens then three turn up.

red sunrise
Early mornings means catching glorious sunrises.


#MySundayPhoto Number 5

My Sunday Photo. Toddler sat in washing up bowl full of water

Bear loves water but it's too cold to play outside so I gave him a bowl of water to play with. It wasn't long before he sat in it! I never knew a nappy could hold so much water :-) Oh and yes the floor was soaking wet.


Friday 29 January 2016

7 Ways to Wow Your Partner On Valentines Day

OK so you only met last week and don't want to go over the top, or you've been married 40 years and done it all. If you are a hopeless romantic then this is for you. Male, female, old or young. 7 top tips to show how much you love them..

picture of a shiny red heart


Wednesday 27 January 2016

A Cardiff Garden In January

A Cardiff garden in January. I was hoping for pictures of the garden covered in snow, but it didn't happen for us. We did have frost and some glorious sunrises though. I took all the pictures on one frosty January morning about 7.30am.

It's all a bit cold and frosty so grab a cup of hot chocolate or a steaming pot of tea and have a look at my frosty January garden.

Aubretia covered in frost


Monday 25 January 2016

More Puddles and Gardening

Well after last week this week has been a bit quieter. Bear has been a bit 'out of sorts'. He's not been ill, just not his usual bubbly self. At playgroup he sat back and didn't join in the songs. He was happier sat with Grandad or me.

toddler looking pensive on adults lap


Sunday 24 January 2016

Big Garden Birdwatch 2016

More than half a million people from across the UK are set to take part by counting the birds in their gardens over the weekend of 30-31 January 2016.
It just takes an hour of looking into the garden and counting the birds you see. Then sending the information back to the RSPB.

Its great fun and helps them understand if any of our native species are in decline or thriving. Children love it too. They can spot the birds and count them.

I found it best to have a bird table with food and to invite birds into my garden before the event. Unfortunately my bird table was taken down when we rearranged the garden and my neighbour has three cats so I have to be careful how I attract birds.

The RSPB will send you a free pack but if you haven't requested one yet it may not reach you in time. By requesting a pack you also get a £5 discount code for their shop.

You can even fill in the form as you watch on a laptop, tablet or phone at

Just some of the birds you may see in your garden.

picture of a Blue tit
Blue Tit


#MySundayPhoto Number 4

It has been very frosty here so I was a little tempted to post a photo of the frost for #MySundayPhoto but Bear sat at the table and ate his toast. He just looked so cute that I had to use that one.


Saturday 23 January 2016

How To Make Paper

I love trying new crafts. In fact I'm a great beginner! I'm just not so good at carrying on, there's always something more interesting to do.

I decided that this year I was going to do as many things I could that made me happy. Making things always makes me feel good. I decided my first project was to make paper.

sheets of homemade paper

I watched a couple of videos and read a few articles and off I went. It definitely is a case of practice makes better (nowhere near perfect yet!). It isn't difficult it just needs a few items and practice. Even with the information I had read I still found some parts not so easy and did it my own way. I found that my paper was more like card. I did manage to make one piece very thin but I think, to be honest, to make paper rather than card would take lots of practice.


Monday 18 January 2016

Turtle Bay Restaurant and Bar Cardiff - Review

On my "Make 2016 The Best Year Ever" lists of things to make me happy one was to eat out. Grandad and I had stopped going out especially as the nights got wetter and colder. It was all too much trouble and being retired, too expensive. So we have decided that we will make the effort and at least once a month we are going to eat out somewhere in Cardiff. I must say once I get my free bus pass in March we may go out more often!

postcard with Turtle Bay written on it and pictures of beaches and happy people

Lots of people on social media had been talking about a new restaurant and bar that had opened in Cardiff city centre - Turtle Bay Restaurant and Bar. They just loved the goat curry and the atmosphere so this was our next destination.

We booked a table for 7pm and were told, nicely, that we had to be finished by eight thirty. This suited us we could always finish our drinks at the bar if necessary. We arrived ten minutes early and when we walked in it was loud and dark. It is quite an atmosphere, Friday night and lots of happy people.

two windows with lights and silhouettes of people

We were shown to our table. A table for four to the side of the bar. I just love having a big table so I do not have to juggle plates and glasses.

2 glasses of wine and a candle with some bottles of sauces

Our waitress introduced herself to us and repeated her name but sadly I didn't get it over the music and really didn't want her to repeat it again. She told us we were just in time for their 2 4 1 cocktails and drinks, so instead of a bottle of wine we had 2 glasses and 2 free! A fabulous start to the evening.

Grandad chose the goat curry with rice and peas. Dumplings came with it and he ordered a side of sweet potato chips with cheese.

picture of curry in a bowl and chips

picture of dumplings in a pot
Dumplings- similar to soft bread stick, really nice.

enamelled dish with chips

I am not very good with chilli, although I do like them I'm a complete wimp if they are hot and lots of the food had scotch bonnet chillies in them. I chose the goat burger with rice and peas. You can choose to have chips, rice and peas or salad with the burger and I presume the other meals too.

burger and bowl of rice on paper on a blue painted board

The food arrived quickly and I remembered to photograph it but I was sat with the light behind me and it was quite dark. The curry came in a contemporary enamelled bowl and the burger on a piece of paper on a board. I know I'm old fashioned but why can't I have a plate? Never mind at least it was on fresh paper.

Grandad enjoyed his curry and loved the rice and peas. My burger was fantastic but it was so hot! There was two different garnishes one green, that was as hot as wasabi and one white with flecks that looked as innocent as mayo but was as hot as anything. It made my tongue go numb. I asked for a fresh roll with nothing on it and very quickly was brought a fresh lightly toasted roll. Now the burger was great, still a bit warm but for a wimp like me perfect. The rice and peas were fantastic.

For dessert I ordered the Lemon and Lime tart with passion fruit sauce. As the picture shows I had chopped a bit off before I took a photo! I didn't eat all the pastry as it was a bit soft and boring but the filling was delicious, they should serve it alone in a small bowl, not on paper on a board (shut up Nanny that's how the do it now!). It was really fresh and light.

lemon and lime tart with sprig of mint and passion fruit sauce on paper on a board

Just before we left I went to the ladies. WOW. Even if you don't want to eat here, you must buy a drink, or two, and visit the ladies. Bright, colourful, quirky!

bright yellow door and fantastic wallpaper of posters of Bob Marley

sinks are tyres and the floor is bright pink with white washed wooden walls

We really enjoyed our meal. the staff are lovely, the atmosphere is party like but for me the food was a little too hot. I'm sure we'll be back, maybe in the summer and have some rum cocktails.

Have you been to Turtle Bay Restaurant and Bar? What did you like best?

Disclaimer- We paid for our own meals and drinks.  The restaurant did not know I would be writing a review. All views are honest and my own.


Sunday 17 January 2016

Spinning, Sunshine, Shouts and Shhh's

It's been a great week. We've had loads of sunshine. Bear has been so much fun. He is still teething but it's not making him grumpy.

Wednesday is Tots club. After my totally disorganised Tuesday I was prepared! Bear had a nap and whilst he was sleeping we got everything ready to go. This meant it only took us 20 minutes from Bear waking up to us out the door. Yeah big pat on the back, and he had a nappy change too. Go Granny! (oh and of course Grandad too)

It was so cold that we snuggled him up in a blanket in the car. He loved it and he napped on the way home too!

collage of 2 pictures one a toddler in car seat awake, the other asleep, wrapped in furry blanket


#MySundayPhoto Number 3

toddler on a swing holding a stick

Oh this is so hard I have so many photo's this week. I'm sticking with another one of Bear but which one? One of him laughing in the park. Sums up our week, it was great!


Tuesday 12 January 2016

The Disorganised Granny Blogger

Well it's been a funny week and it's only Tuesday. I started the New Year all organised. I had a fab new calender with coloured labels and sharpie pens. I had blog posts written and scheduled or the ideas written down but it hasn't quite worked out like that.

Sunday 10 January 2016

Goodbye to Christmas. Hello Waterfalls and Coots

This week we officially said goodbye to Christmas. We took all our lights down at the weekend but Grandad wanted to wait until Monday to take down the tree. he wanted to do it with Bear. Good luck I thought but Bear was brilliant, helping with all the baubles until a string of beads came off, he was fascinated for ages! Just letting them fall from his hand. Toy manufacturers take note. Please produce a toddler safe set of very long and shiny beads.

toddler taking a bauble from an adult
Bear helping. This bauble was found later hidden in his garage!


#MySundayPhoto Number 2

This week we went for a walk to our local park Cefn Onn and it was just wonderful to get out without it raining. Cefn Onn park has lots of streams running through it and because of the amount of rain lots of little waterfalls too. The water was rushing under the bridges really quickly and Bear was fascinated by it. #MySundayPhoto this week is of Bear, being held by Grandad looking at the water.


Wednesday 6 January 2016

Some Strange Superstitions That Will Make You Smile - Fingers Crossed

 This New Year a friend posted this on Facebook.

 'Don't do any washing today or you'll wash someone out of your life'. 

I quipped back "got 3 loads to do, can I choose who goes?" *lots of smiley emojicons*
I did have lots of washing to do. I hate doing washing over Christmas so I had our usual laundry and extra bed linen from family staying over. One day longer won't hurt, I thought, I'll do it tomorrow. What?? Who said that? Me? I can't believe it! And I didn't do any washing. Just incase.

Monday 4 January 2016

Sleepovers and Windmills

We've had a quiet week. A trip into town to do some shopping. We had Bear overnight on New Years Eve eve so his Mummy and Daddy could meet up with friends. Unfortunately Daddy had a bit too much of a good time and had an awful hangover on New Years Eve.  

Bear was teething so he wasn't happy at all, he's got a tooth at the front and two molars coming through so he was quite short tempered and grumpy. I thought I may have trouble getting him to sleep but after Nurofen, powders and dentinox he fell asleep and slept through the night. Love you Bear.

toddler asleep in a cot on a monitor
Bear fast asleep. Bless him.

He woke up at 5am, yes 5am and was not interested in going back to sleep. Guess what woke him up? Yep a poo! It's so often a poo.

Bear was given the windmill for Halloween but he was too young. He just tried to eat it! He found it hidden in a drawer and was just fascinated at the light spinning. I have a short video on my facebook page. It's so cute.

toddler playing with glow stick windmill
Bear playing with a glow stick windmill

toddler playing with glow stick windmill

I've been trying to follow my tips to have a great 2016 so not only have I been smiling when I get up I've decided to learn something new and I'm trying paper making. I'd like to make paper and then make cards from it. It's not that difficult but will certainly take a bit more practice. When I get the hang of it I'll post a 'How to' blog.

picture of paper pulp
Paper pulp, my first go at making paper.

All our decorations have come down except for the tree. Grandad wants to do that with Bear. Good luck I say! Lots of photo's of that I think.

I've decided to try and find time to do some linky's especially ones with photography. I am so bad at taking photo's so I really need the practice. I like the idea of #Photalife on instagram. Every Monday there will be a new theme. Up to 10th Jan it is NEW. Also hosted by Photolife is #MySundayPhoto. I love the idea of choosing one photo that reflects my week.

My computer is playing up so everything is so slow especially loading photo's. Hope it's something simple.

Are you going to learn something new? I'd love to know in the comments.


Sunday 3 January 2016

#MySundayPhoto Number 1


This is my first #MySundayPhoto and I thought I'd start with a picture of Bear. Surprise! Surprise!
I love this photo with his messed up hair and dirty face, from putting his Christmas dinner on his head! His eyes are so blue and he's happy. I'm also going to make 2016 my best year ever! Smiling seems a good way to start.

picture of a toddler smiling

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