Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Ravensburger Mothers and Babies Jigsaw Puzzle - Review


Ravensburger Mothers and Babies Jigsaw Puzzle - Review

Bee was delighted to be sent a Ravensburger mothers and babies jigsaw puzzle for us to review*. Something designed for his little hands, something just for him. Bear gets quite a few toys and puzzles to review but this is Bee's first.

We love the quality of Ravensburger puzzles, they are beautifully printed and accurately cut. Would the mothers and babies jigsaw puzzle live up to our expectations?

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Brio Builders Starter Set -Review


Brio Builders Starter Set - Review*

Anyone who reads our blog will know we love Brio. It's well made (we have some over 30 years old) and children love it. We didn't know they made construction sets until we were asked to review the Brio Builders Starter Set.

Bear loves making things and this set quickly became his favourite.

Monday, 28 January 2019

Ravensburger Thomas & Friends, Giant Floor Puzzle - Review.


Ravensburger Thomas & Friends, Giant Floor Puzzle - Review.

We love a good jigsaw puzzle and Ravensburger are always great quality. We were delighted to be asked to review* their Thomas & Friends, Giant Floor Puzzle.

Bear loves surprises and as soon as he saw the box he pointed at the engines naming nearly all of them. Do you know them all?

We started the puzzle by finding and joining the edge pieces together. The pieces are large and great for little hands. They fit together precisely so no need to force the pieces to make them fit. Bear recognised the engines as their faces appeared in the puzzle and was able to complete the inside without any help.
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