Wednesday 30 December 2015

I'm Going To Make 2016 The Best Year Ever

Well it's that time of year when we take time to reflect on what has gone and look forward to the New Year. Resolutions are everywhere. Lose weight. Do more exercise. Eat healthier.

But I know that by the middle of January they will be a thing of the past, mostly because they are too vague, too unrealistic or I just lose the motivation. 

I don't want to make resolutions that will get broken, I had a great 2015 and just want it to get better. OK sometimes things happen that makes us have our own Annus Horribilis, I can't stop these things happening. How I react to them is up to me. I am responsible for my own happiness. I want to look back and say "2016 was the best year ever!" 

I want to have my own Annus Mirabilis. 

So I googled to see how I could be happier and this is what I found. I'm going to share it with you and see if we can all have a great 2016.

1. Smile

Nobody is happy all the time, without the down times we wouldn't recognise the happy times. We can be a person who's glass is half full...not half empty. Start the day with a smile. Smiling releases endorphins which make you feel good, so before you get up smile. Smile at strangers, so what if they think you're crazy, you don't care what they think and they may just smile back. 

2. Make Time For Family And Friends

Friends will be there when times are bad so make sure you are there for the good times too. Spend time with them, laugh, have fun.

If distance means you can't spend time with family then call. Talk to them. They're too busy to call or Skype? Send them letters with pictures in, yes printed real pictures. 

3. Write a List

Write a list of 12 things that make you happy. Each week do at least one of them.

This is my list

1.   Hugging my grandson
2.   Walking
3.   Eating out
4.   Playing board games with my son & daughter in law
5.   Going to the theatre
6.   Writing 
7.   Laughing with friends
8.   Talking to and spending time with my daughter
9.   Feeling the sun on me
10. Learning something new
11. Making things.
12. Visiting new places

4. Let Go Of Things Beyond Your Control

Life isn't fair so be happy with what you have. You can't change the past so let go of those regrets. Enjoy the now. While you are looking back the now is happening. Maybe the sun is shining and you can just walk or sit and enjoy the moment. The future is yours to enjoy, make some plans. Look at your list and plan to do at least one of them this week.

Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. 
You have to let go at some point in order to move forward.

-- Author Unknown

5. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Hate your job? Your routine? Your hair? Whatever it is, change it. 

Do something crazy. Jump from a plane (with a parachute of course!) Go white water rafting, join a group. Learn to swim, ride a bike, sail, surf, sing, dance!

6. Say No

Saying yes to everyone and everything won't make you happy. It doesn't always make them happy either. Do what makes you happy and let others be responsible for their own happiness. Learn to say no, it's a great liberator. You don't have to be mean just be assertive and honest. 

7. Encourage Others

Support others and get pleasure from seeing their successes. Don't judge others and don't bear grudges. Get rid of negative people in your life. You can't have a great year if you are surrounded by people who only want to see you fail. Say goodbye to them and don't look back.

8. Ask For Help

You know how you feel when you've helped someone? Give that back. Let people help you. It's not a sign of weakness, it's the gift of sharing.

9. Love Yourself

No one is perfect. Everyone has flaws, accept them as something that makes you, you. Don't take yourself too seriously. You made a mistake. You're human. Laugh it off.

The person who knows how to laugh at himself will never cease to be amused.
-- Shirley MacLaine 

So these are the top 9 things that I'm told will make me happy. I already do some of these so I am going to concentrate on the others. I like the idea of smiling, I'm definitely going to do that. if you see headlines "Crazy woman arrested for smiling at everyone" that'll be me!

Blogging is a great way to do number 7. Encourage others. I can easily do lots more of that. 

My list, I think I will come back to that every now and again and see if these things still make me happy. I'll let you know how I get on.

What makes you happy? Are you going to try to make 2016 the best year ever?




  1. I love these, very true and inspiring. I will definitely be trying to incorporate these into my life too. Wishing you a happy new year x

  2. Me too. I'm definitely going to smile more, it brings out the best in people. Happy New Year to you too

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  4. Love this! You've inspired me to create my own New Years blog post!


  5. I love this, we don't really do resolutions so am going to do a wishlist for 2016 instead

    1. I started with a list of 12 so I could do 1 a month then thought no, I'm going to do lots every week :-) Have a happy 2016

  6. great tips. some simple things that really can go a long way towards a person making themselves happier

  7. This is a lovely little list and after the sad end to our 2015 I'll definitely be trying to stay positive in 2016 no matter what life may throw at us.

    Happy New Year.

    Laura x

    1. I really hope this year turns out to be a good one. Thankyou for the comment xxx

  8. Ah I love this, what a great way to look at your 2016 goals. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

    1. Thankyou. i smile every day and the sun shone today so I feel great, and it's only day 6! Thanks for hosting #thelist I've found some great new blogs :-)

  9. I love this post! This is one of the best 2016 post I have read! So real, honest and true! Love love it...I am going to borrow your list for my year! We always forget #9. Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything

    1. Thankyou, what a lovely thing to say. I now have a huge smile on my face! And you have also done number 7. Thankyou for hosting #abitofeverything. Let's have a great Year :-)

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