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Bear, Bee and I would love to hear from you. We will get back to you as soon as we can but sometimes we are out having adventures and it just takes a little longer.  

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We love reviewing products! Anything from baby stuff to toys, from books to flowers. We do not have a minimum value, it just has to be something that we would love. I always promote posts on twitter on the day of publishing and randomly thereafter. If it is suitable I will post to Instagram too.

As of writing we have 4.5k followers on instagram and 1.7k on twitter. 

I am happy to write sponsored posts. I do not accept posts that include loans or gambling and I always disclose.

What do brands think of working with us?

“Everything looks great, and I love your post!……….It’s been a pleasure working with you”

“Thank you so much for the lovely review, it's been a pleasure working with you and it's been one of the best ones yet!”

“Thanks for the post – it’s great.”

“Thank you for delivering such a nice post. I love how you have tied in everything so naturally.”

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I do not want help making my site better, or placed higher in someone's rankings, you found me and so do thousands of others.

I charge for prewritten articles or links to be added to my site. I am a retired nurse and have no money to pay anyone for anything.

I know my site is valuable and my time even more so. Do not contact me, unsolicited, unless you are offering  £200+. Offering me £25 is an insult.

We do not have a lower limit on products. As said above if we love it we will review it for the product alone.


*before contacting us please read our privacy policy


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