Tuesday 25 October 2016

#Blogtober16 Day 25 What Superpower Would You Most Like To Have?


#Blogtober16 Day 25 What Superpower Would You Most Like To Have? If you read my #Blogtober16 post What Am I Afraid Of you would be surprised at my choice.
It's easy really. Flying. You see I am afraid of flying because I can't fly, if you get my drift. I love boats, I can swim, so if I could fly I would love flying.

Do you remember those dreams when you were younger where you could fly? I do. I loved them, I still get them occasionally and I can fly.

Just by doing it, turning, swooping, going very fast and just floating. I am an expert.

So keep your X-ray vision and super strength and flame throwing and whatever. I just want to fly.

Oh and just because I think he is the best super hero ever here's a picture of Christopher Reeve in Superman. Well you can't have Kent as your surname and not be bewitched by Superman. And yes we did tell our sons friends that his dad was superman's brother Lol.

Christopher Reeve as Superman* 


What super power would you love to have?

*Promotion image - All images copyrighted by DC Comics and Warner Bros.




  1. Do you have anyone called Clarke in your family? hehehe! I believe I can fly ;)

  2. Flying would be amazing, it would make it so easy to get everywhere!


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