Monday 31 October 2016

#Blogtober16 Day 31 Happy Halloween


When I started #Blogtober16 challenge of writing a blog post every day throughout October I never thought I would actually achieve it. But here I am on day 31 writing my last. Todays challenge is Happy Halloween. So I thought I'd show some cute photos of Bear dressed as pumpkin playing with the pumpkin we carved last night.

"Pumpkin!" he shouted when he saw them "ROLY!" when he saw the carved Roly pumpkin. Yes he recognised it and played for ages with battery powered fairy lights and a torch.




So why do we carve pumpkins at Halloween? One theory is that it is down to the Celts in Ireland 2000 years ago. They celebrated Samhain, their New Years Eve on the 31st October. Turnips were carved to keep away spirits and stop fairies settling in houses. In the 1840s the Irish immigrants into Northern America couldn't find turnips to carry on the tradition so carved scary faces into pumpkins instead.

So Happy Halloween!




  1. Well done for completing Blogtober. I've loved reading your posts.
    Aww! Bless him! It looks like he had such a great time with the pumpkins x

  2. Well done for posting every day! It looks like your pumpkins were more of a success than ours. The kids drew on their patterns and then the twins both cried when I said I was going to cut them out. Good work on the Roly, I recognised him straight away.


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