Sunday 30 October 2016

#Blogtober16 Day 30 A Letter To Someone

#Blogtober16 Day 30 A Letter To Someone is todays prompt. I have already written a letter to my grandson and have thought hard about who I would write a public letter to. I do not write letters often as we now have social media and it is so easy to post a text or send an email. The only times I write is usually at a time of despair or loss. Where the written word feels more sincere and personal, and of course I wouldn't share those on here. I have decided to go back in time, to when letters were the only way to communicate and send a letter to my great great grandmother. Someone I have never met (she died in 1910) and who I have no photos or any other personal documents.


My Dearest Great, Great Grandmother, 
I wish it were possible to bridge the years and sit together and chat while drinking tea. There is so much I would love to ask you. Although you were never famous you have left a faint trail behind you which I have followed with fascination. You have so many secrets that I am sure you would tell me if I just asked. 
I wonder why you moved from Norwich to London? You ended up in the slums just around the corner from David Copperfield's lodgings. Did you ever meet Mr Dickens? I have read he based his book on his time there. Are you in his book? Did you know Mr Micawber?
Whatever happened to your childrens father, George Beeton?  I have never been able to find him, he is only a name on some birth certificates. Was he a rascal that gave you two sons and a daughter then fled or was he the love of your life that circumstances stopped you being together? 
Then your fortunes changed, you met and moved in with Philip Lang, my great, great grandfather and had two more children. Were they happy times? You pretended to be married, as you had with George before him. Philip was still married, was George married too?  
Were you so beautiful that men wanted to be with you regardless of the circumstances? I know it wasn't for money as you were poor and your family had nothing. 
After Philip died you became a widow living on your own means with enough security to adopt a daughter, Maud. Who was Maud? Whatever happened to her? I wish I knew.
I know you have tales to tell, it would be wonderful to hear them. It would be wonderful to find the answers to some of my...........

Oh well it really would be wonderful but even the technology of today cannot take me back over one hundred years.

If you could write a letter to anyone, who would you write a letter to?




  1. How lovely your letter and idea is. I would love to write to my grandmother, although I did know her there have been a lot of things discovered since she passed away in 1996, I'd love some answers too.

    1. I would just like to have a cup of tea and a cat. So many unanswered questions!

  2. How interesting....It would be amazing to find out about older family members who have long since passed away..


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