Sunday, 19 May 2019

Monster Jam Principality Stadium, Cardiff - Review


Monster Jam Principality Stadium, Cardiff - 18th May 2019- Review*

We were given tickets to review Monster Jam at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff. Bear absolutely loves Monster Trucks and is always talking about how big they are and the stunts they perform. He was so excited to be seeing them live and to get really close to all the trucks and the drivers at the pre show Pit Party.

The Principality Stadium in Cardiff is an amazing venue. It has a closing roof to keep us all dry. It rains a lot in Cardiff, and is situated in the middle of the city centre. Great for places to eat, shop and links for public transport.

We had not been to Monster Jam before so had no idea what it would be like. We knew it would be noisy and went armed with ear defenders for Bear and ear plugs for us adults.


Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Ravensburger Mothers and Babies Jigsaw Puzzle - Review


Ravensburger Mothers and Babies Jigsaw Puzzle - Review

Bee was delighted to be sent a Ravensburger mothers and babies jigsaw puzzle for us to review*. Something designed for his little hands, something just for him. Bear gets quite a few toys and puzzles to review but this is Bee's first.

We love the quality of Ravensburger puzzles, they are beautifully printed and accurately cut. Would the mothers and babies jigsaw puzzle live up to our expectations?

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Brio Builders Starter Set -Review


Brio Builders Starter Set - Review*

Anyone who reads our blog will know we love Brio. It's well made (we have some over 30 years old) and children love it. We didn't know they made construction sets until we were asked to review the Brio Builders Starter Set.

Bear loves making things and this set quickly became his favourite.

Monday, 28 January 2019

Ravensburger Thomas & Friends, Giant Floor Puzzle - Review.


Ravensburger Thomas & Friends, Giant Floor Puzzle - Review.

We love a good jigsaw puzzle and Ravensburger are always great quality. We were delighted to be asked to review* their Thomas & Friends, Giant Floor Puzzle.

Bear loves surprises and as soon as he saw the box he pointed at the engines naming nearly all of them. Do you know them all?

We started the puzzle by finding and joining the edge pieces together. The pieces are large and great for little hands. They fit together precisely so no need to force the pieces to make them fit. Bear recognised the engines as their faces appeared in the puzzle and was able to complete the inside without any help.

Monday, 10 December 2018

Brio Battery Operated Action Train - Review


BRIO Battery Operated Action Train - Review*

We love Brio, we were delighted to review* the Battery Operated Action Train. We already have a lot of Brio, some over thirty years old. It really does last. Bear has a few Brio trains but all are "Bear powered". What would he think of a battery operated one?

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Conversations with Bear #1 - The Dark

Conversations With Bear #1 - The Dark

Bear is at that golden age. He's four. He knows exactly what he wants, he can ask for it and he can describe events and things he's seen.

He has the enquiring mind of a four year old, hampered only by his beliefs. Everything is good or bad. Right or wrong, black or white, but he is open to learning and is quick to pick up new ideas. His knowledge astounds me every single day.

He does come out with some absolute gems, which once spoken are lost into the ether for ever. I spend so much time laughing with him or amazed at his knowledge, that I thought I would share some of his spoken thoughts. A small insight into the workings of a four year old's mind.

This will be an occasional series, just as and when he says something worth repeating, but more importantly, those that I actually remember so I can record it for the future.

Conversations With Bear #1 - The Dark

It's a dark, winter afternoon. Only the lounge light on, the rest of the house is unlit. Bear never tells me where he's going in the house, he just goes.

Bear - "I'm just going into the dining room to get a car"
Me - "OK"
Bear - "From the toy box in the dining room"

I nod and notice for the first time that it's now become dark

Me - "Would you like me to turn a light on for you?"
Bear - "No, Mummy says I must be brave"
Me - "Brave?"
Bear - "Brave in the dark"
Me - "OK"

Bear dashes out and seconds later runs back in.

Bear - "Can you come with me?"
Me - "Of course"

I follow Bear from the lounge to the darkness of the dining room.
He looks around nervously, checks I'm there. I'm stood right next to him.

Me - "Are you sure you don't need the light to see?'

Bear - "No, it's OK. I eat carrots so can see in the dark" and he grabs a car and legs it back to the lounge leaving me to deal with the unseen monsters, alone.

Thanks Bear!


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