Tuesday 16 February 2021

Words You'd be happy to never hear again

Words You'd be happy to never hear again

Yep, you have a list too in your head. Words, and phrases, that before 2020 meant nothing or something else altogether. These are my top 7

Wednesday 20 January 2021

Nightmare of Washington or Goodbye Donald Trump

Nightmare of Washington to be sung loudly and with passion to Fairytale of New York
(My favourite song ever)

Apologies to The Pogues for stealing your song and my bad lyrics xx

It was 20th November babe
In the Whitehouse
When an old man said he'd make the US great again
Then he said his biggest lie
He'd build a great wall
To keep the Mexicans out
That wasn't his last

He got a helping hand
Came in second to Hills
He trashed her name
He doesn't give a damn
So Goodbye Trump
Take Melania with you
We can see a better time
When all our dreams come true

They've got guns as big as cars
They've got riot shields
The fear is real and present
It's no place for you 
When he first took the oath
On a cold November day
He promised them
To make US great again

He's a bully
He's petty
He said storm the City
He told them to fight
He said he was right
The police were encumbered
Security outnumbered
Trump called them special
We watched through the night

The proud boys were singing
Thank you Donald Trump
As the shots were ringing out 
For a new day

He's a bum
He's a lump
He's called Donald Trump
Lying his way through every day
You liar, you narcissist
You self centred racist
Goodbye Donald Trump
Lets hope it's your last

The right wing were singing
Thank you Donald Trump
As the shots were ringing out 
For a new day

He could have been someone
But he became no-one
He took their dreams away
When he took the oath
He promised everything
He just took it for his own
He's now all alone
Playing golf every day

The right wing were singing
Thank you Donald Trump
As the shots were ringing out 
For a new day



Sunday 3 May 2020

From Grey to Orange


I have been growing my hair, not to have long hair but to try to grow out the home hair dye and see what colour hair I really had.

When I was younger my hair was dark brown, then at twenty-one I spotted my first grey hairs. I hated not being a teenager anyway, this just proved I was getting old (oh the tribulations of youth!).

In my thirties I had acquired a grey streak in my hair, I tried to love it and go grey gracefully. Then at a Christmas party a colleague took lots of photos, there I was with my grey streak and looking so old. I did what anyone in that situation would do, I dyed it.

Thirty plus years later I am still dyeing my hair. I've gone from boring brown to gorgeous brunette, from ash brown (yuck) to medium caramel brown (still yuck) to glorious mahogany with red overtones, then as always, once I find a colour I love - the brand changes it


So I'm going to go grey.


Thursday 30 April 2020

Clapping For NHS - Why Bother?

It's 8pm on a Thursday, millions are under lockdown in the UK, but many leave their sofas, open their doors or windows and clap. Some hit saucepans with spoons, some play musical instruments, some just clap. But why? Why bother clapping for people who are just doing their job? Why bother?


Tuesday 28 April 2020

The Reality Of Lockdown 2020

The reality of lock down in our house. I use the grandchildren as my excuse why the place is cluttered with toys and dirty fingerprints, while they are not here I would expect it to be clear of clutter and sparkling, when in fact it is messier than ever.

Monday 27 April 2020

Lockdown fun - Painting Rocks

My first go at painting rocks

Lockdown is putting pressure on us all to find ways to entertain the kids while we work or cook or just have a few minutes to ourselves.

Painting rocks isn't just for children, adults can have fun too. This isn't a How To post more a Why Don't You Try This? If you do an internet search you will see so many gorgeous rocks, these are not easy to replicate, but it doesn't matter. Find a rock, give it a wash and dry, cover it in paint or nail varnish or stick things to it, then place them around your local area for others to find.

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