Monday 31 October 2016

Balance Bikes and Buses

This week wasn't going to be about balance bikes and buses. We were going to Halfords just to buy a helmet as Bear is so fast on his little bike I worry he'll crash and bang his head. Bear has a Toddlebike2 at our house, I should really review it but in short it's fab! He has a big balance bike at home and we had discussed bringing it to ours every day.

Bear discussing buses with Grandad

 By the entrance to Halfords was a little white balance bike for £19, well it would save all the hassle of taking his bike back and forwards. They didn't have any in stock, typical, but sold me the one on display for a discount. Well a bike and a helmet for £25 can't be bad so we had to go to the park and try them out.

Bear is just too good on it! I was running around like a fool after him. He can go so fast and is in complete control, he just goes a little deaf when I shout at him to wait for me! I really will need to either get fit or buy a scooter to keep up.

And he's off

An expert on his bike


We hadn't planned to get the bus again this week but on our walk to post a letter he saw the buses going by.

"Bus! Bus! Bear" He says his name, he points to his chest to reinforce the fact that he wants to do it.
"Tomorrow, we'll go on the bus" I promise.

I can't break a promise even if he forgets. I want him to trust me so a bus ride was on the cards. Bear loves going on the bus. I do not know why, he has to stay in his buggy so can't see much but he does like all the people getting on and off. We caught the bus and went into town and decided to visit Cardiff Castle. Residents of Cardiff can buy a "key" for £5, it gives free entrance to the castle for three years.

Cardiff Castle

Bear loves castles but he really loved the birds prey especially the massive Eagle Owl.

I think his face says it all, he's just seen the owls

A magnificent Eagle Owl

Inside the castle, to see it all there are tours but Bear was happy to lead the way

After we left the castle we walked through the town centre to meet Mummy for lunch and Bear wanted to meet the big yellow thing collecting money. I gave Bear some change to give but he wouldn't go near! The fickleness of toddlers.

A yellow thing, is it a Pokemon?

All the excitement wore him out so he missed the bus ride home and slept the whole way.



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