Saturday, 14 September 2019

Get Your Kids to Eat Anything - Book Review

Get Your Kids to Eat Anything - Book Review (AD)

When Emily Leary asked for fellow bloggers to review her book Get Your Kids to Eat Anything, I applied straight away.

If you have a fussy eater in your family you understand the struggles, you have tried everything - from threats to bribery, and they just do not work. This book is not only full of beautifully photographed recipes but is a workbook too.

Emily Leary is an award winning parenting and food blogger. She shares her recipes and parenting tips on her blog, A Mummy Too. She also writes for publications and websites such as Metro, Good Housekeeping and Huffington post.

Pancake Art - Step 3

Get Your Kids to Eat Anything is not just a recipe book, it also has a five step plan to guide you and your family from fussy eater to happy eater.

I loved how the recipes fit in with the plan, how easy it was to follow and that there are work sheets to record your successes (and failures). It is not a criticism of how you feed your family, or why your child is a fussy eater. It acknowledges that anyone can have a fussy eater, including Emily the author,  and guides you gently through each step.

The Five Step Plan

  1. Put the unfamiliar into the familiar - introduce elements of unfamiliar colour, flavour or texture into family favourites like lentil bolognese
  2. Educate - Experiment with texture, taste and smell. Understand where food comes from, grow something yourself.
  3. Discover the fun in food - Build a new level of enthusiasm for variety with creative, exciting dishes like Pancake Art.
  4. Step into the unknown -Push food boundaries with surprising flavour combinations, such as Strawberries with Cream pasta
  5. Cement variety - Learn techniques to keep family mealtimes varied long term.

Cauliflower Fajitas - full of texture & colour 

Even if you don't have fussy eaters this book is full of fresh, innovative ideas. Great for those days when you're stumped for something a little bit different, but reassuringly familiar.

Children of all ages (fussy eaters or not) will love the "tasks" such as making sticky sour dough or growing and harvesting their own fruit and vegetables.

Get Your Kids to Eat Anything is available from Amazon and costs £16.99

*Disclaimer- This book was sent to me for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and my own.


Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Bear's First Day At Big School

photo thanks to Make-up Pixie

Bear's First Day At Big School 

The summer holidays are over and I missed you this morning.

The house stayed quiet. No-one shouted Nanny at me or gave me a big hug. No-one asked me to put on children’s TV because the news is boring, or begged to play on the X Box.

I sat on the sofa and no-one snuggled up close and took all my space. The cushions stayed in place and there were no toys or pyjamas scattered on the floor.

I didn’t check the weather forecast to plan our day out. It didn’t matter if it rained or the sun shone.

I put out one bowl and one spoon for breakfast, no eggs boiled on the stove, no omelette in a pan.  No-one helped me to make scrambled eggs by breaking eggs and pouring milk and stirring until they were mixed.

The house was quiet and I missed you this morning.

Deep in thought I poured oats into my bowl. I don’t eat oats, I have fruit and fibre. You have oats. I cook them in the microwave to make you porridge. No-one asked for porridge this morning.

I looked at the CLOSED sign we made yesterday, hanging on the M&S Little Shop, with more than a little tear in my eye.

“Nanny, that has to be there when I’m at school. Even if Bee is here the shop stays closed”

The shop stayed closed and I missed you this morning.


My phone rang and I had a conversation, a whole conversation totally uninterrupted. No-one demanded to know who I was talking to, no-one asked to talk to them. There were no demands for a drink, food or help with something. The house was quiet. No sibling fights, no screams, no laughter.

I missed you this morning.

Mummy arrived with Bee. The house became alive with shouts of “Nanny, Nanny”. Mummy, Daddy and Bee had taken you to school. You had been so excited. You had new uniform, new shoes and a new backpack.

School for you isn’t new, it’s familiar. You've spent mornings there at Rising Threes and nursery. All your friends are there. You won't have time to miss me, I missed you this morning.

Now you are in Big School. Now you will spend all day at school. You will play with your friends and make new friends.  You are clever and kind. You will learn so much.
Grandad will collect you at 3.30 and bring you to me. You will talk non stop until Mummy comes to take you home. If I ask what you did today, or if it was fun you’ll pout and say you don’t want to talk about it.

We will look forward to more holidays and inset days. We will grab every moment we can to hug, laugh and have fun.


You will grow tall and strong, and become independent. Eventually you will make your own way to and from school, university or work. You may travel the world, have a family of your own. I want these things for you, but while you are little I will wipe tears from my eyes every time I think of you at school and not with me. I will be OK.

Bear, my beautiful Bear, I missed you this morning.


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