Thursday 20 October 2016

#Blogtober16 Day 20 Five Super Cool Things About The Place You Live

#Blogtober16 Day 20 Five Super Cool Things About The Place You Live. When this challenge came up I thought, only five! I live in a really cool city, Cardiff. So here's my five best things about Cardiff. Just remember I am a Granny, if you are younger then there is no way you could limit it to five.

1. Dr Who

I don't know if you like Dr Who or even if you watch it. It is filmed here and that is cool. So is Casualty, Only Connect and Sherlock.

2. Millenium Stadium and Rugby

Millennium Stadium and River Taff

It used to be the National Stadium and Arms Park. Then we got the Millennium Stadium, the Arms Park is still tucked away next door. Rugby is the life blood of the Welsh but it's heart is in Cardiff. Match days are amazing, always a great atmosphere and although there are lots of very drunk people they are usually very happy, even when they lose. We have one of the few stadiums (possibly only one in the UK?) in the centre of the city.
They wanted to build our new Millennium Stadium in a field miles away but we said no. If you come to an event at the Millennium Stadium you will be in the middle of it all. It now has a new name but I still call it the Millennium Stadium.

3. Shopping/Eating/Drinking

Cardiff City Centre 

We have a fabulous shopping centre, Mall if you are American, full of all the best stores including Hamleys, John Lewis and designer stores like Cath Kidson and Vivienne Westwood. We have lots of Victorian arcades that were full of independent shops but sadly we are slowly losing these in favour of more High Street stores. We also have loads of restaurants and eatery's.  Everything from a burger to a gourmet meal. There are pubs and clubs and bar and cocktails. Brazilian, Mexican, French, Irish, Greek, name it we have it.

Morgan Arcade  Cardiff

4. Parks and Open Spaces

Bute Park, right next to the city centre

We have lots of amazing parks, Cardiff was once the greenest city in the UK. I'm not sure if it still holds that title but it still has lots of green space and loads of champion trees.

Scott of the antarctic sailed from Cardiff and there is a monument to him in Roath Park. Bute Park in the city centre is a wonderful park and both the River Taff and the Taff Trail run through it.

Scott Memorial Roath Park

5. Gareth Bale and other famous People

City of The Unexpected - Cardiff celebrating Roald Dahl's 100th birthday

Even if you hate football you must have heard of Gareth Bale, well he was born here. So was Roald Dahl, Charlotte Church, Griff Rhys Jones, Honeysuckle Weeks (Foyles War), Shirley Bassey, Tanni Grey-Thompson, Colin Jackson and so many more.

As a personal thing, while I was researching who was born here up came the name Ken Follett. My favourite book ever is Pillars of The Earth, I read it ages before the TV series. He was one of the champagne socialists and his wife Barbara Follett was MP for Stevenage, my home town. Now that's a coincidence.

Due to the limit on five things I haven't mentioned the free museums, theatres, castles, beaches or mountains that are either in the city or just a short drive away. Cardiff is a great city.

What's the coolest thing where you live?




  1. I love Cardiff even though I've not been for a while. I studied in Cardiff Metropolitan University in the 90s. It's not really that far from me either. You have Doctor Who and we have Doctors (the daytime soap set in the fictional town of Letherbridge)

  2. Doctor Who and Sherlock does me!!!

  3. hehehe! I saw the Dalak and instantly guessed you lived in Cardiff. I didn't know Casualty is filmed there though.


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