Wednesday 12 October 2016

#Blogtober16 Day 12 What's In Your Handbag


I am now up to day 12 of the #Blogtober16 challenge and today it is What's In Your Handbag. I'm sure beauty bloggers would be horrified when they see whats in my handbag. I'm horrified when I see what's in my handbag!
I carry a very small bag and I fill it to the brim. If I had a larger bag then I would just carry more stuff. This is really what was in my bag, not staged, not censored.
I paid £4 for my bag in Primark, I love bags and have many but I hate spending money on them.

So lets have a look inside.



The contents of my bag

1. Lipstick and lip gloss

This is quite funny really as I rarely wear lipstick but have three lipsticks and a lip gloss. If my bag was huge that would be fine but it takes up a lot of space.

2. Nail clippers

A small nail clipper because I hate it if my nails break and I`can't sort them straight away. If I have even the smallest rough bit I will pick or bite until it's gone

3. Bus Tickets/receipts

I have about three or four at any time

4. Keys

House keys obviously.

5. Glasses wipe

I forgot that I had this in there, that's handy as I wear glasses

6. Badges

Two badges from when we visited Tintern and saw the EPIC sign

7. Business Cards

I made some business cards for when I went to Traverse16 back in April, there are also a few that I have picked up.

8. Yellow Purse

A small purse to fit into my small bag, it holds all my cards and some cash

9. Bus Pass and National Trust Pass

One of the best things about reaching 60 is a free bus pass. Everyone in Cardiff gets one and it can be used throughout Wales. I also bought a National Trust subscription but there are only a few NT properties near Cardiff

10. Hair Dye number

I know it's unbelievable but I have to dye my hair. I tore the top of the dye box so that I have the correct number when I need to buy more.

11. Two pens and a rubber

When I was a nurse I needed a red pen and a pencil for the off duty. I still have the red pen in my bag but have lost the pencil. All I have is the little rubber that sits on the top

12. Comb

A comb to keep my hair looking gorgeous

13. iPhone Leads and charger

I have a new iPhone 6S. It is rose gold and beautiful. It has a s**t battery so I carry leads and a charger otherwise the battery dies before I have taken all my photos on a day out

14. Ear Phones

For my iPhone, not to listen to music but as a remote for taking photos. You didn't know?!

15. Rennies and Plasters

My first aid kit haha!

Well that's my handbag. Wait until tomorrow when you see what's in my fridge!

What do you keep in your handbag?



  1. I carry lipstick and eyeliner but never use them. I guess it's a woman thing, lol. I know if for some reason I ended up in a pub without notice the first thing I'd do is run to the loo and put some lippy on!

  2. Wow! That bag is awesome! So small but fits so much in!

  3. I am such a none girl there is never any make up in my daily handbag! #Blogtober16

  4. Wow i am impressed that you fit all that into your bag! :) #Blogtober16

    1. It was difficult to get it all back in! I had to throw the receipts out Lol

  5. I'm seriously impressed you fit that all in there!


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