Thursday 23 March 2017

7 Easy Baby Led Weaning Recipes


7 Easy Baby Led Weaning Recipes

When Bear was weaning we tried a mixture of pureed food and baby led weaning. He loved feeding himself but also he really liked pureed vegetables. So whether you are doing only baby led weaning, or a mixture here are a few recipes to give you a head start.
There are the obvious foods like bananas, toast, cheese, boiled vegetables cut into fingers, bread and butter and so on. Many say that it is OK to just give what you are eating but some days you fancy curry and adult food has salt and sugar added. I wanted some easy recipes that I could freeze and had no added salt or sugar. Just click in the links for the full recipe.

1. Quiche

I made my own pastry as I wanted it without salt. The filling can be anything you like, from fish and peas to cheese and peppers.


2. Easy peasy Sausages and burgers

These are so easy and freeze really well, they have nothing added and Bear loved them.

3. Muffins - Apple, carrot and banana

Looking for an afternoon snack that isn't full of sugar or salt then these muffins are perfect and they have added fruit and vegetables.


4. Muffins - Peanut butter and banana

It is now advised to give peanut butter to babies to help prevent allergies. Instead of the usual spread on bread and toast these muffins are easy to make, they freeze well and defrost in a microwave in seconds.


5. Roasted Vegetables

Chips! Everyone loves chips but add sweet potato, cauliflower, peppers, parsnips, squash. Whatever you fancy just cut them into easy to hold fingers and watch them disappear.


6. Chicken and leek burgers

An alternative to beef burgers and very delicious. No salt or other additives and they freeze too.


7. Eggy Bread - French Toast

An old favourite and a change to toast.



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