Saturday 25 March 2017

#BeInThePicture March 2017- Reflections in a mirror

I am never in photographs as I am always behind the camera, so when two of my blogging friends, Kerry and Alana , said they were starting a #beinthepicture linky aimed at getting the photographer in front of the camera I really wanted to join in.

It has taken 3 months to get a decent photo of me! I've tried selfies, they just do not work so I used a mirror in John Lewis. I'm hoping that if I practise every month then by the end of the year I will actually have some nice photos, preferably with my most favourite person, Bear.

These really are my selfies, not cropped, not filtered. That's just how good I am.

I just love this picture, it will never be framed and hang on a wall but it makes me smile. Whilst I was trying to get a decent shot of us both, Bear was just larking about. Love it.

If you would like to join in the linky it goes live the end of every month and is open for a week. Click the badge below to go to the host site.



  1. I think those are often the best photos, when you remember what was happening at the time #BeInThePicture

  2. I'm loving the selfies. So cute. Thanks for joining in. Bear will love these pics when he's older x


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