Monday 6 March 2017

Our Weekly Journal - 6th Mar 2017

Bear likes to join Grandad in the bathroom in the mornings, brushing his teeth and having a shave. It was fine until he tasted the soap, yuck!
Some weeks I have few photos to share and others, like this week, we have loads. We have been out to the park, had lunch at John Lewis' and I watched my first musical with some local mummy bloggers at Cardiff's New Theatre. What a week. We also found out the gender of our next grandchild. Will it be a brother or sister for Bear?


On Monday I went with Bears mummy and a few others to see The Wedding Singer at the New Theatre. We had loads of fun. It was my first musical but definitely will not be my last.

Waiting for the show to start

Bear found his ball pit stored in the cupboard he may be a bit big for the pit but loved playing in it. He was so funny waddling around with the toy box on his head. I managed to take a couple of blurry photos but should have tried videoing it.


We took full advantage of an hours sunshine and went to Roath Park. Bear loves the playground and we love the stroll through the park. The sun shone and the park was busy, I am continually amazed at how many grandparents are caring for their grandchildren.

It's always the way though, there's always one. Either at the Tots club, at soft play or in the park. Children not being watched by whoever is with them. They run around leaving destruction in their wake to the oblivion of their parents/grandparents. This was slightly different. Two boys full of beans running around and playing on the equipment. So they should, it's a park and running is good for them.
No-one near them or encouraging them or even just smiling at them. Then I hear one call out

"Nanny help me climb this"

"Shut up! I'm on the phone"

Ahh, the woman that had been on the phone chatting for ages. I am not going to judge her being on the phone. I am forever on mine taking photos but it was the reply. It always makes me sad as we have so little time with them. Soon they will be at school, then off to university then we'll be too old.

Run Nanny, catch me!

Today Tots club tomorrow the world!

Great lunch at Benugo, John Lewis

Every day Bear shows me his personality. He has a wicked sense of humour and laughs at his own jokes. His understanding is amazing, he really does understand everything. His speech needs some help but he's always been quiet. He doesn't chatter away like some children, he just sits and thinks.

He found a zipped bag and started putting toys in it.

"What are you doing?"
"I'm packing for my holiday" he ran around saying "Ball, need ball"

Oh bless him! He hasn't been on holiday but he has watched Hey Duggee packing for his holiday.


So is Bear having a brother or a sister? It's a boy! We all saw the first scan and thought girl, we were all wrong. It's going to be a beautiful brother for Bear. I must admit I had a little tear at the news, it just brought back all the wonderful memories of Bear being a newborn and how much I love him. I now have to think up a blog name for Baby B.



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