Friday 31 March 2017

Toddlers Easter Wish List with The Works

Toddlers Easter Wish List with The Works*

Easter will soon be here and the children off school which means the inevitable rainy days. We usually go to soft play or another indoor venue when the weather is bad but when the children are off school it can be too busy so I like to keep a few items to surprise Bear and keep him happy. I love The Works because it has a huge choice of books, craft supplies and toys and it doesn't cost a fortune.  I love browsing the internet and The Works has a great site and delivers too.

Toddlers Easter Wish List with The Works


The Works books are always such good value and are top of my wish list. The only difficulty would be choosing which Easter Egg Hunt book to get (1-4). I love the look of the Easter Treats (5) book too, full of recipes for cakes and biscuits there must be at least one Bear and I can do together. Bear loves colouring (6) and stickers (7). Lastly a book that is also a craft, making animals out of egg boxes (8).

1. Mr Impossible and the Easter Egg Hunt £2.99
2. We're Going On An Egg Hunt £5.99
3. Thomas And The Easter Egg Hunt
4. Peppa's Easter Egg Hunt £4.99
5. Easter Treats £2
6. Chicks Colouring book £1
7. Easter Activity easter Book Set £4
8. My Egg Carton Animals £8.99


1. Hug Me Duck Soft Toy £10
2. Make Your Own Paper Puppets £3
3. Clip On Chicks - pack of 6 £1
4. Rabbit Play Dough Set £10
5. Easter Chicks - pack of 6 £1
6. Easter Wind Up Chick (or bunny) £1.50
7. Mini Colour Pencils - pack of 36 £1

My first is a soft toy. It is too cute to not be on my wish list. Oh and the wind up chick (6), how much fun is that. I love the idea of paper puppets (2), I am sure we would have fun making and playing with these. Pencils (7) to go with the colouring books and chicks (5) to go onto the delicious cakes we could make.

Have you got plans for Easter? It might be worth getting a few treats incase it rains.

*Disclosure - This is a collaborative post. Pictures courtesy The Works website. All opinions are honest and my own




  1. I had no idea the works did more than just books, I don't have one near me but I'm always intrigued when I see them at other places x

    1. They do lots of craft supplies too and it is all very reasonably priced

  2. I totally forgot to look in The Works for some craft bits! I love their shops as they always have such a huge range of products. I love their book offers too.

  3. Loving the chickies! Easter is a great time to get crafting with the kids!

  4. They're some lovely looking bits for Easter. I don;t know what to do for Erin this year.

  5. Trying to decide between Mr Men and Thomas... No, I can't do it, it's impossible!

  6. We love The Works books. We always get something for everyone and I always come away with another cup cake book :)

  7. I love the works and luckily they've opened one in pugs garden centre which isn't far from us. This is a great list. I must head there this week to get some easter gifts for the girls baskets x

  8. Great ideas here. We are off to Essex so it should be fun.

  9. I have never heard of 'The Wors Before' i think I will checl them out as we are big readers. We already have the Peppa Pig book, which we got from pre-school as a gift. But I love the craft ideas, great to keep the kids entertained and decortaing items/gift for family and friends.


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