Monday 20 March 2017

Our Weekly Journal 20th March - Owls, Sunshine and Baby Lambs


Our Weekly Journal 20th March Owls, Sunshine and Baby Lambs

We have had a really busy week. We were going to have Bear Friday instead of Monday as his Mummy was on a course but she needed to have blood taken on Monday so we had him for an hour or two in the morning. It was a beautiful sunny day so we managed to sit outside. Bear is just fascinated with bugs of all sorts and sat for ages watching woodlice roll up into balls.
We also found some beautiful daffodils near Bears Tots club and I managed to get a couple of lovely photos.


The sunshine has brought out the beautiful Magnolia Stellate flowers

It's a wiggly worm and very interesting

A quick trip to a garden centre brought us face to face with a gorilla. He was so lifelike but the tag on him was £799, yes that's not a typo, it really was that expensive. It's funny what garden centres have, at another garden centre they have a tank in the car park, although it's not for sale, thank goodness!



We also had fun at home. Bear loves playing with water and sometimes I let him stand at the sink and have a splash, he loves it.


Whilst i was in the kitchen, Bear got a garden chair cushion (that I hadn't had time to put away) and put it on Grandads adjustable chair and sat on it. This all happened in seconds and he was so pleased with himself. 


We also wanted to see the baby lambs at St Fagans Museum. We were not disappointed. There were so many and they were so small. Bear loved them and wanted to touch them but the rules were no touching as the mummies are very protective.


I'm the king of the castle and you're the dirty rascal!

Whilst at St Fagans Museum we took the opportunity to visit the roundhouses. there is so much to see, it would take at least a whole day.

We do not usually have Bear on Fridays and it seems that most of the attractions have toddler friendly events on Fridays, so we usually miss out. We decided to visit Parc Play to see some owls close up. It was a great choice, we even got to touch them. A first for both Bear and me. We loved it. It was freezing though and we had to leave so we could warm up. So different from the start of the week.


Even though it was freezing Bear loved playing in the sand at Parc Play

We had a fabulous week, the sunshine has made such a huge difference and cheered us all up. Did you have sunshine and manage to get out?


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