Thursday 1 December 2016

5 Minute Games For Toddlers - Hide and Seek with Lights


Our third 5 Minute Games For Toddlers is an old favourite Hide-and-Seek. This time with lights.
Toddlers know about Hide-and-Seek, they have played Boo! for ages and love hiding and being found. This is the same game with a twist. Just a cheap string of battery powered lights, or a torch makes this a new exciting game.

I waited until it was getting dark so although the pictures look like we played in pitch black it was still light enough to see. Bear hid, holding the lights and I found him. Then I hid and he found me.

When I said I hid, I just stood in the room holding the lights, I didn't want Bear to worry where I was. Once he had an idea how this game worked I hid behind net curtains or under a table with the lights really visible. It was great fun.

I found you!

Bear hiding in full view

Bear hiding behind the voile curtains
When Bear got fed up of playing Hide-and-Seek he made up a new game, Follow My Leader. He held one end and led me around the house.

Wherever Bear goes I follow
A really simple game that I am sure loads of you play but just putting it here for those struggling with things to do on a cold, wet winters day.

Any easy games that you play and love?


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