Tuesday 13 December 2016

toucanBox Craft Subscription Box review

toucanBox Subscription Box

I was asked to review a toucanBox* with Bear. They describe their craft boxes as suitable for children from 3 - 8 years old and Bear is only 2. This I thought would be fine as all his crafts are closely supervised and I am careful that he doesn't have anything with small parts or dangerous items. So why would I even consider a craft subscription box that is for an older child? Two reasons really, firstly if he had an older sibling he would be exposed to all these things anyway and secondly, toucanBox are great! Have you ever seen one? I reviewed a box last year when Bear was one and he was definitely too young. I'll show you what we received this time and you can decide whether it is right for your child.
The box arrives through your letterbox so you do not have to wait in and it's addressed directly to your child. Even Bear who is too young to read understood the toucanBox was for him.

A toucanBox for me?

He couldn't wait to see what was inside


Inside is everything you need to complete a project. Ours was one of the Christmas boxes and had all we needed to make four Christmas Tree decorations. I will point out here that this was mostly beads. In fact lots and lots of beads. Bear loved them but I was a little nervous, luckily Bear isn't a child who likes to put everything in his mouth so we were OK but if yours likes to taste everything this particular box would not be for you.

Everything is you need is in the box and even a personalised letter.

Bear just loved the beads

He really enjoyed pouring them into a bowl

The instructions are very clear and the project was straightforward. Older children could easily make these with out help. Bear needed lots of supervision and some encouragement to make the decorations.

The instructions are easy enough for a child to follow

It takes some dexterity and concentration to thread the beads onto the pipe cleaners

Inside the box is a booklet with full instructions, a page to colour and other games suitable for the recommended ages (3 to 8 year olds). For the adults there is a code for friends to get a free box to try and a preview of the next box. Our next box is stickers, I know Bear is going to love it. Inside this box was a sticker that we were suppose to keep for next week, Bear wouldn't wait and immediately put the sticker on his T-shirt.


With lots of help Bear made two of the decorations to put on our tree. This wasn't the best box for Bear as he was too young to fully appreciate it but I think thats my problem more than his. He absolutely loved it.


Bear just wanted to pour the beads from the bowl into his paint pots. He would have been happy to do this for ever and he loved just looking at the beads. Older children would love to make the decorations as there was no fiddly cutting or sticking.


I love this subscription box. I think it would make a perfect present for any child although I think Bear is still a little too young. You can choose from three different sized boxes, ours was the petite and costs just £3.95 + 98p postage every fortnight. They also have monthly boxes, the Grande £9.95 + £2.95 postage or the Super £16.95 + £2.95 postage.

If you would like to try a toucanBox for free then click on the link BLOGGERSTREAT. Don't forget to have a look at their Facebook page where they have lots of offers and competitions.

*We were given toucanBox to review. All opinions are honest and my own.



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