Friday 16 December 2016

5 Minutes Games For Toddlers - Blow Football


5 Minutes Games For Toddlers - Blow Football

All you need is some straws, a small box for the goal and something light for the ball. I used pompoms and made my own goal as I didn't have a small box. Remember this should take less than 5 minutes to make and toddlers do not worry about how good the goal is!


If using a box cut off the base and front leaving just sides, top and the back. I probably made the goal more complicated than it needed to be but this is what I did;

1. Using sticky tape stick a straw to one edge of a piece of paper
2. Fold both side towards the middle. My straws were those bendy ones so this was easy.
3. Fold the paper at the other end to make corners and secure with sticky tape. Cut off any excess.


Then give the toddler a straw and a few "balls" and let them blow them into the goal.



You could use anything light to blow into the goal, cotton wool is good or tissue scrunched into a ball. Whatever you choose make sure it is larger than the hole in the straw (so no dried peas!!). Toddlers sometimes forget to blow and they suck instead. Ensure your football is bigger than the straw so they cannot suck it up and choke. Instead of a goal you could hang bags from the edge of the table and play Blow Pool. Have loads of fun.

Bear and I were poorly this week so we only have one 5 Minutes Game. More next week, I hope!

Do you have any ideas for 5 Minutes Games For Toddlers?



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