Saturday 31 December 2016

Thoughts On Saturday - Goodbye 2016


Thoughts On Saturday - Goodbye 2016. 

I thought on New Years Eve it would be appropriate to say goodbye to some of the celebrities that have died this year. This isn't a complete list, it's a small list of those that had an influence in my life.

David Bowie 10th Jan

Everyone has heard of David Bowie. I loved him when I was young, I just loved his video of Space Oddity, 1969.

Alan Rickman 14th Jan

The best baddy ever. Sheriff of Nottingham, Severus Snape.... Also Harry in Love Actually

Andy "Thunderclap" Newman 30th March

Lead singer with Thunderclap Newman, wrote "Something in the Air" 1969

Terry Wogan 31st Jan

Everyone loved Wogan. He was always on the telly being nice to people, then he continued on radio. I loved his description of the Soaps. Poison Dwarf...still makes me laugh.

Ronnie Corbett 31st March

The Two Ronnies, they made me laugh. Four candles is the classic. We saw Ronnie Corbett in Panto in Cardiff, he did a ballet sketch. He danced with his reflection in a mirror, which of course was Darcie Bussel. I cannot remember laughing so much. It was the funniest thing ever, he had great timing. Just brilliant.

Victoria Wood 20th April

Acorn Antiques, the soup sketch, Dinner Ladies. A very funny woman.

Burt Kwouk 24th May

Too many to remember them all but Tenko, Pink Panther, Inn of The Sixth Happiness, Last Of The Summer Wine.

Muhammed Ali 3rd June

Dance like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Boxing legend.

Caroline Aherne 2nd July

The Royal family...."Can't she have wafer thin ham?" One of my favourite sketches ever. Mrs Merton..."and what attracted you to the millionaire Paul Daniels?" Another very funny woman

Andrew Sachs 2nd December

So many great roles but to me will always be Manuel in Fawlty Towers, "K?"

Henry Heimlich 17th December

I have known about the Heimlich manoeuvre for many years but sadly hadn't heard of Henry the inventor. he lived to a good age, he was 96.

Zsa Zsa Gabor 18th December

Couldn't act, couldn't sing..still loved her. Dahlink.

Rabbi Lionel Blue 19th December

Many years ago I used to listen to his thoughts of the day, just a funny, kind man.

Rick Parfitt Status Quo 24th December

I'm not a great fan of Status Quo but my friend, Yvonne Percival was. It was 1970, we were 14. She always carried a string bag, hidden in it was her latest favourite single. This was before cassettes or digital music, the only way to have music on demand was singles or LP's. As we went from friends house to friends house she would ask

"Do you have Down The Dustpipe by Status Quo?"
"No" would be the usual reply, mostly because no-one actually liked Status Quo
"I have!" and with a smile and a flourish she would pull the single from her bag.
Groans all around.

RIP Yvonne and Rick.

Carrie Fisher 27th Dec

The heroine in Star Wars. We loved Star Wars, the original of course in 1977. Then she came back as sassy as hell recently on British TV and she was great. Suddenly she was gone, and her mother Debbie Reynolds died of grief the next day.

There have been so many famous people die this year, it is said because with modern technology there are more famous people to start with. Also the drugs and lifestyles of many are catching up with them.

Lets hope 2017 is kinder.

For a look back at our year come back tomorrow for my 2016 review.

Who would you include on your goodbye list?



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