Wednesday 30 November 2016

5 Minute Games For Toddlers - Fishing


The second 5 Minute Games For Toddlers is the classic game Fishing. An old favourite and can be made in minutes. If you have older children they will love to make this game too.
All you need is;

Card, I had coloured sheets but the card sleeve from a ready meal or cereal box is ideal.
A fridge magnet (mine is a magnetic clip)
Paper clips or similar
A stick (I used a ruler)

Draw a fish on the card, use this as a template for all the other fish but if you are artistic you could make them all different. Attach something metallic, such as a paper clip, for the fridge magnet to pick up. Put the fish in a bowl. Tie the magnet to the stick with the string, the longer the string the harder it is to control the magnet so don't make it too long, twelve to eighteen inches (30 - 45mm) is fine.

Little ones like Bear will just have fun "fishing" for older children numbers could be written on the fish and the person with the highest number wins.

Only a few items are needed to make a fishing game

A cereal box or sleeve from a ready meal are just as good

Draw a fish on the card, give it a happy face :-) 

Attach the clips

Put the fish in a bowl and tie the magnet to a stick (or ruler as thats all I had)

There are no rules just fish!


Bear loved picking up the fish with the magnet. I chose the strongest magnet I had which made it easy to pick up but a bit trickier to take them off.

Do you know any 5 Minute Games? 



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