Tuesday 6 December 2016

Beer52 Craft Beer Subscription Box Review


A knock on the door and I have a special delivery, a Beer52 craft beer subscription box for me to review*. I must say that I was really excited to try this.
I'm not usually a beer drinker, when I'm out I opt for lager as I know exactly what I'm getting. Craft beers by their very nature are each unique and that is what appealed to me with the Beer52 box, I could try different beers chosen by experts.

So what is Beer52? 

Beer52 was started after the founder, James Brown, went on a road trip with his dad. They travelled on a Harley-Davidson from Edinburgh to Faro. On the way he discovered lots of delicious craft beers and when he got back he started Beer52. A monthly subscription box of craft beers that promises to deliver eight different craft beers, from around the world, within 4 - 6 weeks of being brewed. Beer delivered to your door sounds good to me.

Delivery is free but that doesn't mean slow, my box arrived very quickly after it was ordered and in perfect shape.

Beer52 Craft Beer Subscription Box 

Inside are eight beers, a magazine and a snack

Left to right; Single hop IPA; Krampus; Flower Power; Littlebro; hidden Fuck Art, the heathens are coming; Santa Paws; Santa's Private Reserve; Mimosa.

So what was in my box of Beer52?       

1. Single hop IPA 4.3%. A Session IPA brewed by Mikkeller/Beer52 in Belgium
2. Krampus 5.5%. A German Amber Ale brewed by Mordue in Tyne & Wear, UK
3. Flower Power 4.7%. An American Amber brewed by Flying Dutchman in Belgium
4. Littlebro 4.7%. A Session IPA brewed by Ægir in Norway
5. Fuck Art, the heathens are coming 4.7%. A Grisette brewed by To Øl in Denmark
6. Santa Paws 3.6%. A Scotch ale brewed by Brewdog  in Scotland          
7. Santa's Private Reserve 6%.  A Red Ale brewed by Rogue in USA.                
8. Mimosa 4.7%. A Berliner Weisse brewed by Wiper and True/Beer52 in Bristol, UK.                                          

Munchy Seeds chilli bites - a snack
Ferment Magazine

The magazine has tasting notes on all the beers in the box and lots of articles relating to beer and brewing.

Left; Santa's Private Reserve - A Red Ale: Top Right; Mimosa - A Berliner Weisse:
Bottom Right
Single hop IPA - A Session IPA  

I am not a beer/real ale expert so will not be reviewing each beer separately but enough to say the beers were all delicious in their own way and true to the tasting notes.

For example the Single Hop IPA was described as having aromas of ripe, tropical fruits and a hint of citrus. It smelt amazing, like a cocktail of melons, pineapples and peaches. The taste was dry and delicious. I can't remember ever having tried a beer quite like this before.

In Brussels, many years ago, I tried a cloudy "white" ale. I was not at all impressed and was told it was an acquired taste. I think thats just a way of saying lots of people do not like them either. Therefore I was sceptical about tasting the first beer that we poured, Mimosa by Wiper & True. It poured cloudy and was described as a Berliner Weisse. The notes said it would be tart and refreshing with a twist of orange peel, and it was. I got hints of Elder flowers and definitely could taste the orange. Another very nice beer.

Overall the beers are interesting, none that I tried were of the glugging variety, more to be sipped and enjoyed slowly. The great thing with a subscription box is that you get to try beers from small breweries that would never find a place on a supermarket shelf. The downside, I suppose, is that they are more expensive than supermarket beers. Either way we tend to buy beers of a certain style, IPA, Weiss that we know we like and for the name. I think more than many other drinks craft beers are purchased blind just because they have a great name. With this box the beers are chosen for you by experts so hopefully you do not get any duds. As with all subscriptions, if you like their style you will like each box. I subscribe to a quarterly wine box, I love their wines but I have a friend who tried a box but it wasn't to her taste. If you'd like to try a box don't forget to use the discount code below and get £10 off.

Beer52 costs £24 per month for eight beers (£3 each) with different plans reducing to £21 if you subscribe for 12 months. Full details are on their website, link below.

Reader offer: If you order a case from Beer52 or sign up to its subscription service, use the code TEDDYBEAR10 and you will receive a £10 discount off your first order. 
*Disclosure: A box of craft beer from Beer52 was sent to me for review purposes. I have not tried the subscription service just an individual box. All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.


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  1. This looks a perfect gift for anyone that loves craft beer, especially as these beers look slightly different and you may not be able to source them locally to you.


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