Friday 2 December 2016

5 Minute Games For Toddlers - Lacing

5-minute-games-for-toddlers-lacing-text-over-image-of toddler-threading-yarn-through-holes-in-card

Todays 5 Minute Games For Toddlers is Lacing. I could say it is great for hand-eye coordination or fine motor skills and colour recognition but all I shall say is that it takes 5 minutes to make and toddlers love lacing things.

You will need;

Card either coloured or white and just colour the edges with felt tip
Yarn lengths about 12" (30cm) long
Sticky tape
Hole punch

The most important thing to remember while making this is that it's a 5 Minute Game so it doesn't need to be perfect.

Cut squares from the card, punch holes around the edge, tape the ends of the yarn to stiffen it. If the tape doesn't go on straight just cut the tip off. It may be obvious but don't have the thread too long, it tangles and is a strangling hazard! Please supervise your little ones when playing with cords and when finished put out of reach.



If the tape doesn't go on straight then just snip the end off



5-minute-games-for-toddlers-lacing-image-of toddler-threading-yarn-through-holes-in-card
I gave the card to Bear and showed him once how to thread the yarn and left him to do what ever he wanted 

5-minute-games-for-toddlers-lacing-image-of toddler-threading-yarn-through-holes-in-card
If the yarn is too long (oops!) it can get tangled so keep it short

5-minute-games-for-toddlers-lacing-image-of toddler-threading-yarn-through-holes-in-card

Bear had fun lacing the yarn through the cards although the fishing game is his favourite so far. Do you know any 5 minute games?



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