Friday 9 December 2016

Mambo Soft Play Cardiff - A Toddler Explores


Mambo Soft Play Cardiff - A Toddler Explores. Mambo is a soft play centre in Cardiff. We pass quite often as we drive around Cardiff and have been meaning to let Bear explore it for ages. It was raining in Cardiff today and Bear was so full of energy we needed to get out so it was a perfect excuse to visit.
Bear LOVED it! We stayed almost 3 hours and the whole time he smiled and skipped around the centre. I have never seen him so happy for so long.

There are separate areas for babies and toddlers but as the bigger children were in school we explored everywhere. I do not have a head for heights but it felt very safe and I was OK. Bear just ran up the netting and along the walkways. He was down the slides and back up before I could decide which way to go.
There is a huge, raised football area that Bear played in for ages. It is slightly sprung so feels great to run on.

There is a ball pit, slides, climbing frames, bouncy castle....the usual soft play. There is also a cafe selling hot and cold food, coffee and so on. Only food purchased at the centre can be eaten there but the quality was very good and reasonably priced.


Children must be supervised and accompanied especially on the larger equipment. Everywhere is safe, with the floors padded and the walls all mesh. Just put your toddler in and watch them have fun.

Top Left & Right; The toddler area. Bottom left; All entrances and exits have obstacles to slow the children down, this helps avoid collisions Bottom right; The raised football pitch

Lots of platforms and things to climb, and great slides too

Bear was up the netting in a flash but the mesh underneath hurt my feet (Ahh I hear you cry)

Everywhere is padded and hidden at different levels are things to spin on, death slides, giant balls, all sorts of fantastic things.

There is also a small area with a toy car and scramble bikes

The ball pit was a great hit 

Mambo is open 9.30 to 6.30 Monday - Friday and 10.00 - 5.00 on Sundays. It costs £4.95 per child, off peak and £7.45 school holidays and weekends, accompanying adults go free. It is just off Ocean way on Vanguard Way and has lots of easy free parking. Please check up to date prices and times on their website before visiting.

I think it would be manic in school holidays or after 4pm when the bigger children are there but it was very quiet when we were there, just a few toddlers so it was perfect. Bear was amazing, he was fearless and had so much fun. There are two live videos on our Facebook page to give you a flavour of the fun Bear had. We are definitely going back again before the Christmas holidays and I think it will be somewhere we visit often.

We paid for our own entrance and all opinions are honest and my own.


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