Monday 24 April 2017

Our Weekly Journal 24th April 2017 Shopping and ants

Tulips, a gift from my daughter x

Our Weekly Journal 24th April 2017 Shopping and ants

This weeks journal is slightly different. It is usually about my grandson, Bear, but we are having a forced holiday while Grandad recovers from his hip replacement. This means that I have to do all the chores. I am a very pampered person and have always been looked after. Grandad does all the shopping and cooking and I do everything else. Now I have to cook and shop too. This wouldn't be so difficult if I could drive. I can't drive so I walk everywhere. This should be good for my weight loss (I'm doing Slimming World, weigh-in tomorrow) but it is hard work.

I have had lots of offers of help but at the moment I am happy with my shopping trolley doing the shopping in small bits. We have a few supermarkets about a 20 minute walk, although all in different directions.

The worse is that I live at the top of a hill. Everywhere from here is down hill. That last bit home is a killer!


What is really annoying is that people think it is acceptable to park on the pavement. All the houses on the estate have their own drives but there are so many cars that many park on the pavement. Those of us that want to use the pavements; parents with buggies; grannies with shopping trolleys; are forced into the road. Rubbish collection days are the worse as any gaps are filled by the bins.


Even the Morrison delivery van parks on the pavement. They weren't actually delivering, the driver was on the phone. Just a few yards further on and they could have parked safely on the road.

It's not all doom and gloom though, we have some lovely parks and generally the gardens are pretty and well tended.



The one thing that I love about where I live is the community. I live in a small close and we meet every Friday to have a drink and put the world to rights. Our houses tend to get the sun in the evening at the front and our "bench club" started out as a few sat on a bench in the sun. Slowly they were joined by whoever fancied a natter and a drink. If you see a Malaysian flag flying then join us for a drink!

Very blurred picture but the flag is a signal that Bench Club is open, so off I go for a drink and a chat

On Saturday Bear came to visit. I took him into the garden and we searched for bugs. We found lots of ants which fascinated him.

Bear on a bug hunt

I moved a plant pot and we found lots of ants running around on an old brick.

Bear found a dandelion clock, there are lots in the grass.

Oh and if I'm doing the shopping then I deserve flowers.

I just love tulips, these are a gift to me, from me.



  1. Ohh! That's so annoying about the cars parked on the pavements apart from that it sounds like you live in a lovely area.
    Yes! You totally deserve flowers if you are doing the shopping. hehehe x

    1. I thought so too about the flowers. I can't resist hehe x


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