Tuesday 18 April 2017

My Shopping Trip to Lidl


My Shopping Trip to Lidl

You may be wondering why I am writing a post about something so mundane as grocery shopping so I'll give a little background.

My husband retired five years ago, he took early retirement and I carried on working. He slowly took over the cooking as I worked long ten hour shifts and didn't arrive home until seven in the evening. Cooking led to shopping, so I did neither.

Hubby has had a bad hip and last Wednesday he had a hip replacement. I do not drive so I need to go shopping, and I need to walk there and back. Lots of people have offered to take me but I do not want to be a burden on them all. We are very lucky that we have a few supermarkets within 20 - 30 minutes walking distance.
We have a Lidls, Waitrose, Aldi and Asda. I do not like Asda or Aldi much. Asda has loud, horrible music with staff that really do not want to be there. It's a shame as before we moved here we used to travel to this Asda from across town, it was a lovely shop then. Aldi is just always too busy.

That leaves Waitrose; lovely staff, expensive food, or Lidl; lovely staff, cheap food. No contest, Lidl it is. We live on the top of a hill so going is OK but coming back is a bit of a slog. I tried it with carrier bags but my hands hurt when I got home so I bought a Hoppa Shopper from Amazon. It's fantastic. Just £15.99 and worth every penny. It's big enough to hold a good amount of shopping but not too big to make it too heavy to pull.

So this shopping trip is a walk, a new adventure and a necessity.

Me and my shadow, my Hoppa Shopper

It was a beautiful morning so I took some photos on my way home. Even though I live on a modern housing estate there are lots of green spaces and views across Cardiff. Every road is a challenge though as they are all very hilly.

Photo taken on my iPhone so the view isn't brilliant but it does show how green the estate is

I took a short cut through a little park that was full of dandelions and daisies

An escaped Squill in the park, it looks like a bluebell but it is much larger

Periwinkle, another escapee

Berberis giving a beautiful display of yellow flowers

Down the hill before the final climb up to my street. The hill up is so steep that any snow at all and we are unable to get out.

Hawthorn flowers are just beautiful. I love the buds and flowers together they remind me of a bridal bouquet

A magenta Magnolia flower peeps through the Hawthorn

Not far now, the two Cherry blossoms are just gorgeous against the blue sky

Nearly home. We are lucky to have two ancient oak trees in our close. One is always later to come into leaf.

The Hoppa Shopper was up to the task, my new shopping companion


My shopping haul
I bought;

A free range whole chicken
Free range chicken breast
Gammon joint
Cherry plum tomatoes
Purple sprouting broccoli
Smoked haddock
Semi skimmed milk
Orange juice
Dozen free range eggs
Chicken OXO cubes
Porridge oats
Vegetable rice
Fajita Kit
Chocolate cookie

All of this came to £34.74. I think that's great value. I have about eight meals for two and loads of breakfasts which is less than £1.50 each meal, not at all bad.

I bought microwaveable rice and a Fajita dinner kit for easy quick meals. I haven't tried them before and we do not eat a lot of ready meals but I am having to cook all the meals, do the shopping, housework and nurse my patient, so a little help is welcome.


I hope you enjoyed coming with me on my shopping trip and sharing the beautiful plants on my journey. Oh and the chocolate cookie? A treat for my patient x




  1. What an adventure for you. It sounds like a great shopping trip.
    I cheat and get my shopping delivered. Hooray for Tesco :) x

    1. If the weather gets bad I will get it delivered, I am very much a fair weather shopper!

  2. I love shopping at Lidl. It is my favorite store. And your trip to the store and back is a joy with such great scenery!

    1. Thank you, I think ours is great too. So friendly and such good value.

  3. I don't have a lidl near me, but I do have a well maintained Aldi, which I love! Feeding a, very fussy, family of 5 is much cheaper there x

    1. I visited Aldi today, it was busy but the staff were lovely, so I may be back xx


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