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The Best Potty Training Tips from Real Mums


The Best Potty Training Tips from Real Mums 

My children are grown up and they were so different in everything they did. The experience of potty training was complete opposites. My first child, a boy was about three when we started potty training, at the insistence of his childminder. To be fair, she was the mother of five and she did most of the hard work, but he had lots of accidents. Looking back he just wasn't ready.

My daughter on the other hand instigated it herself. She was about two. She asked to stop wearing nappies but I kept her in them at night (we didn't have pull ups then) as I worked full time I couldn't face wet bedding and disturbed nights. After a while she asked not to wear them at night so we agreed that if she had five dry nights then she could go without a nappy. She did it without any problems and never had any accidents, not ever. So I didn't actually potty train her, she trained me.

It's a long time since I had to potty train anyone but Bear is two and a half and showing signs of being ready. This time I do not have to do anything, his mummy and daddy are in charge. I have no tips to offer, my only real advice is wait until they are ready. Too soon and it takes ages. Bear has done wees on the potty. He knows when he's had a poo and what the toilet is for. I think they are right and it's time to start.

Due to my lack knowledge I thought I'd ask some real mums for their tips. I asked some parenting bloggers for their best tips.

The Best Potty Training Tips from Real Mums 

1. Wait until they are ready

This was the most popular tip. Many said this and gave advice on how to tell if a child is ready. Practically everyone mentioned that it is a waste of time, and too stressful, to start too early. Age isn't the best way to decide either. Emma describes it beautifully in her post  It Will All Come Together in Time.
In Potty Training Has BegunEmma from Mummy Em  explains that sometimes busy lives delay the training and it all just works out.

Others agree;

Don't be afraid to use rewards (bribes ๐Ÿ˜‚) I convinced myself I shouldn't offer rewards for using the potty ... the moment I opened the chocolate buttons he cracked it! On a more serious note, don't rush it. My son was over two and a half and was trained in three days. I think if we'd pushed it sooner it would have been a nightmare. Alana from Baby Holiday

My best tip would be to wait until they are ready don't push them. My daughter was 2 1/2 when she used the potty for the first time and my son was nearly 3. I just left it out for them to get used to and told them what it was for and when they were ready they could use it and gave lots of encouragement. Plus I do think it helps when they can see mummy and daddy using the big potty (toilet!) so they get the idea Katie Mummy's Diary

2. Reward Schemes

Each child is different but many respond to bribery rewards. From stickers and stars to the Easter bunny and chocolate!

We use a sticker chart as J is a sucker for a shiny sticker. He gets one for any poo or wee in the potty or toilet. We have a potty in the living room and a toilet seat in the bathroom so always somewhere close by to run too. Have lots of distractions ready to use to encourage little one to sit on potty long enough to do anything. We use books and cars (and occasionally my phone)  Becka from Mummy est. 2014

 We used reward charts and stickers and it worked really well. Lucy from Real Mum Reviews - Our Potty Training Journey

 I told my daughter the Easter bunny was going to take some of her nappies so she had to practice on the potty. From months of holding wees in for hours...she used the potty! She loves chocolate that much  Sarah from Run Jump Scrap

3. The Correct Equipment

The right potty is important too. From getting the correct one to having lots, everywhere. There are urinals for boys with a paddle that spins when they hit the mark. There are pull ups and pads. Travel potties and disposable liners.

Some potties are a bit too low for toddlers to sit on comfortably.... after learning this the hard way we bought a 'potty chair' which are a bit higher, sturdier (and they can hold on to the sides when they're straining for a poo.     Heledd from Yummy Blogger

Lots of potties everywhere, car, living room, bedroom. My little boy took to it very well really but he is completely obsessed with his willy.. so it helps ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ he was dry day and night at about 2 and a half. We have had the odd blip but he has done so well. Lots of spare sheets is a must for night time too. He also like to have his own pack of wipes and own toilet roll! It's so funny seeing him stood peeing with the loo seat up like a toddler man  Emma from Ready Freddie Go

4. Cleaning supplies and expecting the worse

Lyndsey-Rose on her blog My Family of Roses, has a whole series, Dry For Me. She also suggests lots of cleaning products!

Biggest tip for parents is to get a good supply of cleaning products. And be prepared for needing the toilet when you're a good 15 minutes away from one.

Catherine from BattleMum (I just love that name) also suggests lots of pants and waiting until they're ready.

Buy the cheapest packs of pants (asda sell 10 for £4) so if they soil them you can just throw them out. Secondly put them in tracksuit bottoms as they're easier to pull up themselves. Jeans are too difficult. Otherwise stickers and rewards like everyone said.
We waited until 2 days before BattleKid's third birthday and I was glad we did.

If you think you've cracked it and then it all goes pear shaped, you are not alone. Many have travelled that path and Jaki from Jakijellz sums it up beautifully in Toilet Training Tales...  And if it all gets too much grab a cuppa and the chocolate buttons. Stick a Good Girl sticker on your top and have a laugh with Beth from Twinderelmo. Potty Training - The Truth.

This time I am happy to sit back and let Bear's parents do the hard work. I'll let you know how he gets on. Do you have any tips? Any magical products that transformed potty training? I'd love to hear about them all.




  1. That's a great set of tips for anyone starting down the route of toilet training. And thanks for including my tips x

    1. Loved your tips, I'm just glad I don't have to do it again :-)

  2. Our eldest (now 4.5) took ages to get from his initial potty usage to being reliably dry, and we could definitely have been a bit more circumspect about ditching the nappies. Still, we never had a problem with wet cotbeds or anything, so he was definitely doing something right. Our youngest is 1, and very keen on imitating everyone and everything, so it will probably be a quicker affair. Fingers crossed.

    1. I do think the second child is easier as they just want to be grown up. I agree fingers crossed xx

  3. My daughter has Down Syndrome and was day trained, to the shock of her teacher and aides, at 3yrs old. We used natural nappies which I believe help enormously and started familiarising her with the toilet at 1yo. She is dry at night now since school holidays started 7weeks ago. She is 5yo.


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