Thursday 6 April 2017

10 Five Minute Games For Toddlers


10 Five Minute Games For Toddlers

I am always looking for quick, homemade games to keep Bear occupied. There are lots out there but they usually take a lot of preparation or require a trip to the shops to buy the supplies.
I wanted games that Bear would love, and I could make in five minutes from supplies I already had in the house. Every game has been tested by a two year old and given the thumbs up. If you have the time and patience many make excellent craft activities too.
This is an occasional series on the blog and I thought I'd collect them here to make them easier to find. Here are our favourite 10 Five Minute Games For Toddlers.  If you'd like more details, click on the link.

1. Skittles

A cardboard tube and a ball. Smashing fun


2. Fishing

A fridge magnet, some card and a few paper clips and you can all go fishing


3. Hide and Seek with Lights

Battery string lights or a torch + a slightly darkened room = giggles and screeches


4. Lacing

Coloured card, a hole punch and some wool. Great for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills


5. Treasure Chest

Just a box with holes cut in it and filled with "treasure".


6. Blow Football

A drinking straw, some paper and if you have them, pom poms. Together they make a fun game


7. Paint Stamping

An old washing up sponge, paper and washable paint


8. Not So Messy Play

Rice, pasta and lots of imagination


9. Posting Cards

Just an old cardboard box and a pack of cards.


10. Down The Drainpipe

All that's needed is a pipe (or cut plastic bottle) and some stones.



These are some of our favourite Five Minute Games. Which is your favourite?



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