Tuesday 25 April 2017

A Quick Walk to The Doctors


A Quick Walk to The Doctors

I am quite enjoying my little walks around the estate. To the shops, post box and to the doctors. I need to walk everywhere as I do not drive and it's quicker than the bus. I needed a repeat prescription for Mr P so thought I'd take you with me.
Our estate was built about twenty five years ago on green fields, at the northern edge of Cardiff. It's a lovely estate although we had to fight for twenty years to finally get the school they promised us. Too late for my children! People are friendly and it feels a safe place to live.

There are plans for thousands more homes, filling in the gaps between us and the adjacent areas. All on green fields. As a community we have no problem with the actual houses, just the infrastructure. We need better public transport, there is no railway near, and community resources like  schools are scarce. The traffic is terrible at rush hour and parking is a constant problem reducing the streets to single lanes.


To the north of us is a country lane, with river walks and green fields. To the south there are more housing estates, built in the late 1960s early 1970s. The estates were built by the council as low cost social housing and remind me of those built in my home town of Stevenage. They are squashed together with the weird idea of roads going to the backs of the houses and only foot paths to the front. It's not the worst area of Cardiff but is certainly not the best either!

Our doctors surgery is on the edge of this estate and it's a short ten minute walk from my house.

It's a grey day when I set out out and walk down the hill, everything starts with walking down and ends with a long slog up. My next house will be in a valley!

Paths lead me through the park.

They cross the little stream and onward  through the trees

There are more paths leading to short walks through the woods

The park has a small children's playground and a small stream that runs through the park and the estate. If this floods then there are two large dips in the fields to contain the water. The path winds through the park with branches leading into a little wood. The birds are always singing here and the freshly cut grass smells wonderful. Hidden under the trees are carpets of Celandines and the strange looking shoots of Lords and Ladies.

The freshly cut grass smells wonderful and the birds always seem to sing, even on grey days.

There are yellow carpets of Celandines with the strange looking shoots of Lords and Ladies pushing through.

Across the stream is a field and the path to the doctors. As I walk through I pass the usual dog walkers, children playing and a man with a drone. I am fascinated by the drone and am quite tempted to get one myself.
The field comes into view and a drone is flying above (arrow points to it, it is a bit blurry)

The drone buzzes quietly overhead

The path to the doctors is well protected, not sure from what though

There a large reflective panel on the wall of the doctors, I take a quick selfie as I wonder why?

During the day the park is well used by dog walkers and children. At night I am sure it is used by teens looking for something to entertain them in this barren estate. As I walk back past the children's playground I see a little plastic bag, it's about 4cms x 3cms. Printed on the bag is an image of Bob Marley. I have no idea what was in the bag but illegal drugs springs to mind.

A plastic bag with Bob Marley printed on it. I wonder what it contained.

Although it is only a short walk to the doctors it is quite pleasant and does feel safe with all the people about.



  1. You have so much greenery around you. It's all pavement and concrete here.
    That plastic bag looks very suspicious! Eek x

    1. We are lucky that they kept green spaces. Cardiff is a lovely green city with lots of parks. Yes the bag! I wonder what it had in it?


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