Monday 10 April 2017

Our Weekly Journal 10th April 2017 Newport Wetlands and Caerphilly Castle

Newport Wetlands and Caerphilly Castle

Grandad has been given the date of his operation for his new hip. It is for 12th April. As I do not drive it meant we only really had a week to get out and about. I wanted to revisit Newport Wetlands and to see the new dragon at Caerphilly Castle. We love Newport Wetlands. It is a safe environment for toddlers, even with all the water. Although best not to put your fingers through the netting as the swans think it's food.


I loved the way Bear stopped at every sign and pointed as he had seen others do. We took his balance bike as there is a really good cycle route through the wetlands. There are a few paths that cycling is banned but it was quiet and he is only little so we could carry his bike if needed.

That way grandad

The wobbly bridge to the lighthouse is my favourite, the views are wonderful and the bounce of the bridge is fun. When we arrived at the lighthouse Bear was disappointed to see that the gate was locked.

Bear was fascinated with his shadow "Wheels" he said. He just loved the freedom to get ahead and was perfectly behaved, stopping and waiting for us to catch up.


Let me in!

Newport Transporter bridge on the way to the wetlands

We also visited Caerphilly Castle. I didn't realise that it was almost exactly a year since our last visit. While we were away another dragon has appeared. I am told that it is a female so maybe dragons eggs are on the horizon?

The leaning tower at Caerphilly Castle

We now have two dragons at Caerphilly Castle. Will there be dragons eggs soon?

The giant keeps the tower up, every now and again he has a little bit of help

The giant from below

Don't give this goose any oohs or ahhhs. He was very, very horrible.
The geese at Caerphilly Castle are quite noisy and often hoot at passers by but I think they must be breeding as the one above was very fierce. Bear and I were walking by the wall, minding our own business when he ran at us hissing. I stood my ground and made myself look bigger by putting my arms out and hissing back. This is obviously not the way to intimidate geese as he didn't even pause. I picked Bear up and ran away!

We also spent some time in the garden. We have had a beautiful week weatherise. It started off cold but slowly became warmer so by Thursday it was glorious.

We have been growing some cress for a guest post on another blog. We have drawn faces on the egg shells so it looks like hair. When it's posted at the beginning of May, I'll link to it on our weekly journal.


We saw a lovely water wall but at £280 it was way too expensive for us. Grandad had an old pallet in the garden so he rigged up a few bottles and Bear absolutely loved playing with it. OK it's about a fivers worth but when Grandad is better he'll make a much better one.


Bear watering plants in the garden

We babysat on Saturday and so had the baby monitor. The first picture of Bear standing was about an hour after I put him to bed. He was so chatty. The second picture was about five minutes later. Toddlers just do not know when they are tired.


In fact water has featured in everything we did last week. From Newport Wetlands, the moat at Caerphilly Castle, watering plants and the water wall. What have you been doing this week? 



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