Wednesday 19 April 2017

Slimming World Weigh In #15


Slimming World Weigh In #15

It's been a bit topsy-turvy this week. My husband had a hip replacement on Wednesday and he does all the shopping and cooking, so I was thrown in to prepare my own meals. What with looking after a toddler and visiting until late in the evening I went slightly off plan. Not too bad but then there was Easter. I stupidly bought myself a white chocolate sheep from Lidl. I just love white chocolate and it was my treat for all the hard work I was doing. 

How Am I Doing This Week?

Surprisingly I have maintained my weight, so all the hard work has countered the chocolate and other treats. I did measure myself though. I feel slimmer. My tummy is definitely flatter. I haven't actually lost any dress sizes as I just squeezed into my clothes and only wore stretchy trousers. I went on a diet when I just couldn't squeeze in anymore and would have had to go out and buy new clothes. So I suppose I have lost 3 dress sizes if I had actually worn the right size. That's not bad in fifteen weeks. I have lost six inches from my waist. That makes me feel really good and spurs me on.

What Have I Eaten This Week?


Eggs (two boiled)


Salmon, salad with mango and pasta
Chicken and salad sandwich on wholemeal bread with Laughing Cow cheese
Tuna and salad sandwich on wholemeal bread with Laughing Cow cheese
Chicken soup and corn on the cob
Roast Chicken dinner
Pizza chicken, brussel sprouts and chips
Bacon, cauliflower and cheese and grilled tomatoes


Hunters chicken, sprouts and chips
Slow cooked chicken leg with Slimmers World mushroom sauce, peas and pasta
Slimmers World Thai curry ready meal
Crayfish noodles and green salad
Chicken soup
Chicken rice, broccoli, peas and corn on the cob

In Between

Pom Bear crisps (I have them for my grandson but he's not visiting for 2 weeks so I had some) 4 Syns/15g bag
Brazil nuts
Müller yoghurts
White chocolate sheep for Easter 

Total Syns this week = 70 plus the chocolate, a guess at 30 Syns (ouch!)
Total weight loss = 1st 5.5lbs

Main Picture; Slow cooked chicken leg with mushroom sauce, pasta and peas; Top Right anti-clockwise; Tuna and salad sandwich on wholemeal bread; Crayfish tails, rice noodles and green salad; Salmon, pasta, salad with mango; Roast chicken dinner; Chicken rice, peas, corn on the cob and tender stem broccoli; Bacon, grilled tomatoes and cauliflower with cheese; pizza chicken, chips and Brussels sprouts.

I have had a few really nice meals this week, I especially liked the sandwiches using Laughing Cow spread instead of butter. That way keeping them Syn free by using the wholemeal bread and spread as healthy extras. The crayfish tails were a bit disappointing, not as flavoursome as I would have liked but the rice noodles were delicious. 
The ready made Slimming World mushroom sauce from Iceland was so disappointing. I thought it would be great with pasta, but it was more like gravy and not enough mushroom flavour.

My best meal of the week is a French, rustic, chicken soup. It is full of flavour and very filling. 





  1. You are doing incredibly well, I'm using your instagram as inspiration too x

    1. Your weight loss inspires me!! I keep thinking Jo's nearly caught up Lol


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