Wednesday 5 April 2017

Slimming World Weigh In #13


How am I doing this week?

I started with good intentions. I was drinking lots of water and had intended to start exercising every day. I have walked more than usual but not dusted off my exercise bike yet. I am so doing it next week. I have also been trying some ready meals. Slimming World meals from Iceland. I saw an advert in the Slimming World magazine and thought I'd try them.
I will write a post next week when I have eaten a few meals and let you know what I thought and if they are worth the money. We rarely have ready meals and cook mostly from scratch but occasionally I like to have something in the freezer that just takes a few minutes and these fit the bill perfectly. I just hope they taste good.

I also went out for two meals, usually I am very selective and choose the meal I think has the least Syns. I had prawn and tomato pasta (good start) with half a bottle of Prosecco and a brownie with ice cream (rubbish finish). My excuse was it's my birthday treat and it was free (can't turn down free wine, especially if it's Prosecco) at Jamie's Italian in Cardiff. All gold club members get free treats on their birthday.

We then went out for Sunday lunch and I intended to be good but spoilt it by having smoked haddock soufflé, that's ok but it was served with creamed leeks, delicious but naughty. Then I had a roast chicken lunch, with a glass of red wine, followed by pecan pie and cream. I know, the scales will tell me off. I did leave half the pecan pie and cream, it was delicious but I felt so guilty.

After all that what was the result? Oh no! As expected I have to pay for going off plan. I gained half a pound. Although I was really disappointed I can't expect to lose weight if I eat the wrong things and drink wine. Onwards and upwards, back on plan and I will have lost weight next week.

What have I eaten this week?


Yoghurt and fruit


Salmon, chips and peppers
Chicken, pasta with mushrooms and stir fry vegetables
Roast chicken dinner
Salmon, green beans and tomatoes
Slimming World Syn free burger
Smoked haddock soufflé, chicken Sunday lunch and pecan torte (lots of Syns but my birthday treat)
Ham, new potatoes and brocolli


Chicken, stir fry vegetables and lemon rice
Pork, salad and cous cous
Chicken, salad and new potatoes
Slimming World Syn Free Curry (ready meal)
Jamie's Italian prawn and tomato pasta
Roast vegetables and salad
Prawn curry and herby rice

In Between

Muller Light yoghurt
Greek yoghurt
Brazil nuts

Total Syns this week = too many
Total weight loss = 1st 3.5lbs

Main picture; Slimming World Syn free beef burger; Top anti-clockwise; Grilled chicken, herby rice and salad; Slimming World Syn free ready meal, curry and rice; Greek yoghurt with raspberries and kiwi fruit; Beef, couscous and salad; Prawn pasta; Chicken, new potatoes and salad; Salmon and green beans

We had lots of delicious meals this week but my best meal of the week is creamy pasta with chicken and mushrooms. It's easy and very fast taking about 15 minutes to make.





  1. Ahh! You have to treat yourself on your birthday.
    That food looks amazing especially the burger.


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