Monday 3 April 2017

Our Weekly Journal 3rd April 2017 - Mothers Day and a Birthday

Beautiful Mothers Day and birthday flowers

Our Weekly Journal 3rd April 2017 - Mothers Day and a Birthday

I have lots of photos this week. It was Mothers Day on Sunday and I had flowers and gifts of gin (my favourite, my children know me well) then on Monday it was my birthday and I was surprised by a box being delivered full of flowers. The card just read Happy birthday. I couldn't think who had sent me flowers.
I became detective and found out they were from Jodie, First Time Valley Mam. Thank you Jodie xx Anyone who thinks that internet friends are not real friends should meet up with some of South Wales bloggers. They are a wonderful bunch and I was absolutely thrilled. I also had a fantastic card from Bear (and his Daddy and Mummy).

My card from Bear, all his own work :-)

Look Nanny, flowers.

Gorgeous flowers, thank you Jodie
Jodie also told me about balloons from Twitter. if you are on Twitter then put your birthday in your profile and all day you get balloons. Nice touch and made me smile.

I even got balloons from Twitter

The week wasn't all about me though. The weather was horrible and cold. I can't ever remember a cold birthday, it usually is warm and sunny and then April brings showers. We managed to get out to the park. Bear didn't care about the weather, he just sang all day.


We also planted some cress seeds. I am not sure Bear understands that not all seeds make flowers.

"Cress seeds" I said
"Yes" he said "Flowers"
"Not flowers, just leaves".
Bear looked at me quizzically

Oh well, I hope he's not disappointed when they grow.

Egg shells as seed pots

A nice sprinkling of seeds in each one. Well done Bear!

We also caught some tadpoles in a jar from our pond. Our pond is small but we have resident frogs and when we knew we were having a grandchild we didn't want to get rid of the pond so we moved it somewhere safer and fenced it off.
The tadpoles were examined and returned to the pond.

"What do tadpoles become?"
"Frogs, ribbit, ribbit" replied Bear. He knows so much and this (along with flowers from seeds) is thanks to Hey Duggee. Not all television is bad.


I occasionally wash Bears clothes and then I take the clothes I need for the week rather than his Mummy sorting them for me. I just loved this bright, colourful top and sent this picture to Mummy. That's PJs she told me. Haha! That explained the strange looks at Tots Club.


On Friday we had a little drive to a view point above Newport. The skies were clear and the view fantastic. I was bemused to find this guitar planted in the ground.



Saturday we decided to go to Jamie's in Cardiff for a birthday meal. Gold club members get a free bottle of prosecco and I just cannot refuse a free drink. On the way we visited Cardiff Castle and the bomb shelters from WWII. I will take Bear and see what he thinks for a toddler explores post. We thought they were great. There are wonderful views of Cardiff from the battlements and I came across a sculpture, The Abandoned Soldier. If you'd like to read more check out #MySundayPhoto post.

View of Cardiff Castle Keep from the battlements

The Abandoned Soldier


I've had a great week and we've had news of grandads hip operation. It is scheduled for 12th April. I hope it's not cancelled as we have waited over a year and it should have been done before Christmas. Fingers crossed.




  1. Gorgeous photos! It looks like you had a great week.
    Ahh! My girls used to love growing cress. We haven't grew any for ages. It might be something to do over the Easter holidays.
    That planted guitar is very random. hehehe

    1. Thank you! I was so surprised to see the guitar and cress is great it only takes a few days to sprout


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