Wednesday 12 April 2017

Slimming World Weigh In #14


Slimming World Weigh In #14

I have been good with drinking water but exercise has taken a back seat (or couch potato to be honest). I am full of good intentions but just haven't got my head around it. Like all things it has to come from inside, and it will, I just don't know when.

I have stayed on plan most days but twice strayed slightly. We went out on Tuesday and were late coming home. We had to feed Bear quickly before his nap so I cooked frozen breaded cod. I only had a little but I know it was off plan. Then on Friday evening we had steak. We usually have it with Slimming World chips but we had some Lidl deluxe potato gratins with broccoli in the freezer and thought we'd use them up. I didn't check the Syns until I was sat down eating. They were 12 Syns! I had only eaten half but that was a lesson, check first.
I also tried another Slimming World ready meal from Iceland. This time it was meat balls. I wasn't so impressed. Won't be having those again. If you do fancy meat balls then try Pork Meatballs with Orzo.
We have also eaten lots of salads and new potatoes. The weather has been fine and sunny and the new potatoes are delicious at the moment.

How am I doing this week?

2lbs!! Yes back on plan! I just love it when I lose more than a pound, it really spurs me on. I had been thinking that I'd have a week off plan and then start again. Not now. I'm only one and a half pounds off losing one and a half stone. I so want that badge!

What have I eaten this week?


Fruit and Yoghurt


Roast chicken, new potatoes and broccoli
Slimming World Ready Meal meat balls and pasta
Breaded cod, salad and chips
Pizza chicken, couscous and salad
Ham, salad and chips
Salmon, salad and pasta
Slimming World Syn free pork and leek sausages


Roast chicken and roasted vegetables
Cod with bacon and tomatoes, new potatoes and broccoli
Steak, green beans, broccoli and cheesy potatoes
Salmon, stir fry veg and new potatoes
Cod with curried potatoes
Mackerel with roasted vegetables
Slow cooked chicken with Slimming World Mushroom Sauce, pasta and peas

In Between

Brazil nuts

Main picture; Ham, salad and chips: Top anti-clockwise; Cod with tomatoes and bacon, potatoes and broccoli; SW ready meal, meatballs and pasta; Salmon, stir fry and potatoes; Greek yoghurt with caramel Muller yoghurt, bananas and raspberries; Steak, veg and potato gratin; Breaded cod, salad and chips; Chicken and roasted veg.

Total Syns this week = 65
Total weight loss = 1st  5.5lbs

As I mentioned earlier I have been trying a few Slimming World frozen meals from Iceland as I would like to keep some in the freezer for days when I am too busy or just can't be bothered to cook. Some are delicious and some I wouldn't buy again. I hope to do a review next week.




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