Monday 17 April 2017

Our Weekly Journal 17th April 2017 Grandad's New Hip


Our Weekly Journal - Grandad's New Hip

We have waited for over a year for Grandad to have a new hip. Problems at the hospital over Christmas meant many operations were cancelled and so added to the delay. Grandad finally had a date of 12th April. He had to stop taking some of his tablets five days before so he was in lots of pain. Arthritis sucks!
Back in October I wrote a post called Seconds Matter - Artritis Is A Pain. It's a stark reminder how long Grandad has been disabled due to his arthritis.

It was the Easter holidays so we stayed away from our usual places as they would be too crowded. I took Bear to our local park and it was really busy. We usually have the park to ourselves. Bear was fascinated by all the children and put out that they were playing on his toys.

Walking back we passed under a beautiful cherry tree in full blossom, I just had to take a photo.

Bear watching children playing through a hole in the slide platform at the park

Gorgeous cherry blossom

On Tuesday Grandad took us to a little park that we can only get to by car. It is a lovely park because there is only one way in and out so I can let Bear ride his bike without running to be next to him. Grandad can sit on a bench and watch.

Sadly, it has become very neglected and the bins were overflowing and the rubber mats under the equipment have lifted. Grandad tripped on one and fell over backwards. It was so scary because it was the day before his operation and we had waited so long. Luckily he wasn't hurt. He rolled as he fell so didn't land too badly. It was as if in slow motion. Grandad was pushing Bear on the swing and as he took a step backwards he tripped. He was so good at falling! I would have landed on my arm and broken it.

Tyr Winch park, a safe place for bear to ride his bike and never too busy.
Bear likes to wear his helmet, which is just as well in this park!

On Wednesday, the day of Grandad's operation, Bear was very sad that Grandad wasn't at home. He sat on the stairs and his face was so sad so we went on a Grandad hunt. He wasn't in the bathroom, he wasn't on the bed. He wasn't in the hanger basket (he really did look there Lol) and he wasn't in the en-suite. By the time we finished Bear was much happier. We knew it would be strange for him so we had been trying to prepare him for it. Bear understood Grandad was having a new hip as his old one hurt but he still missed Grandad terribly.

Later, when we were playing, Bear asked for a new toy. He wanted an ambulance and fire engine. He's never asked before and how could I refuse? We planned a trip to town the next day.

We spent the day at home and only went outside to play. I wanted to stay near home until I knew Grandad's operation was over.

Bear was running down the drive and he fell over and hurt his hands. I found some gloves to protect them. This meant that Bear spent the next ten minutes pretending to fall over and pleased that his hands didn't hurt.

Sad Bear but he was soon happy searching for Grandad

Look Nanny! It doesn't hurt if I fall wearing gloves 

I visited Grandad on Wednesday evening and on the road through the hospital were sprayed Easter themed shapes. I only managed to get a pic of a chicken and an egg. I have no idea why, maybe an egg hunt?
Grandad looked great. and was free from pain. The first time in years.  Bear was having trouble settling at home and kept mentioning Daa Daa (grandad), so I sent him a photo and we arranged for Bear to visit on Saturday and see Grandad for himself.

I wonder what came first?

On Thursday Bear and I caught the bus to town, Bear loves the bus. Then he had a real treat, a ride on a fire engine. I always tell him they are not working. Mean Nanny.

I bought him his new toy and he played for ages. We even managed to meet his mummy for a coffee before we caught the bus home. A very happy day.

Such a happy boy

Bear's new toys, because he asked so nicely.

On the bus home, Bear wouldn't take his dummy out for a photo, he thought it was very funny.
I went shopping Saturday morning. I never go shopping, I hate it and Grandad does it all. One of the reasons I do not go shopping is that I buy naughty things. I'm on Slimming World but bought a white chocolate sheep, for me. I bought a chicken for Aunty Sarah and Uncle Joel (I got one for Bears mummy and daddy too).

Bear was taken to see Grandad Saturday afternoon but as soon as we got there Grandad was told he could go home. It was all a bit too much for Bear. He was happy sitting on Grandad's lap and having cuddles but upset when Grandad got into the car without him. We all met up again at home and Bear was quite content once he saw Grandad home where he should be.

The staff on the ward were just amazing. They were always happy and very caring. The ward was really clean too, and coming from a theatre sister that is high praise. A fantastic bunch. Well done CAVOC ward at Llandough Hospital.

Lidl's chocolate is truly yummy and I haven't had any for four months. The sheep is all mine, the chicken belongs to Aunty Sarah 
I hope you had a great Easter and didn't eat too much chocolate. Bear is not with us for two weeks to allow Grandad to recover from his operation so our weekly updates will be a little different. I do not drive so for the next six weeks Bear and I will be exploring Cardiff by public transport. Wish me luck!




  1. Aww! I hope your hubby is on the mend soon. It sounds like the operation was well overdue. It sounds like you had a lovely week despite the worry. The chocolate looks fab! I hope you enjoyed it x

    1. Thank you, he's doing so well and I'm sure it won't be long before he's running around.


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