Wednesday 26 April 2017

Slimming World Weigh In #16

Slimming World Weigh In #16

It's been an unusual week as this is the first week where I have done all the cooking and shopping. I have also made all the decisions on what we eat. Because my husband is recovering I have been doing everything. I have been shopping which means walking more and on top of all the household chores I have been tending the garden. I mowed the lawn today, the first time in years. In fact Mr P had to tell me how to use the lawn mower as I had never used this one. I have cut down on the gin's too as he isn't drinking at all so I don't enjoy drinking alone. This has cut my Syns so I could use them on something else. 

I have had a couple of meals that were not Syn free. Bear visited on Saturday and we had chip shop fish and chips. I just had the fish with mushy peas. I did remove the batter though! I also had a Scotch egg from the deli counter at Waitrose. I ate it before I checked the Syns and it was a scary 16 Syns. Oops! I must check first.

How Am I doing This week?

Wow, wow, wow! I lost 3.5 lbs this week and hit two milestones. I joined Club 10, that mean's I've lost 10% of my body weight. I've also gained the 1.5 stone badge. It is going slowly but steadily and to be honest I am rarely hungry. I do my best to make healthy decisions daily. I decide not to eat cakes, biscuits or pastry. I am over the moon and it has spurred me on. I know I will make my target weight. Onwards and downwards!


What Have I Eaten This Week?


Boiled eggs


Sea Bass, broccoli and new potatoes
Slimming World Burger with wholemeal bun, bacon and cheese
Chicken, salad and new potatoes
Ham, Chips and peppers and sweetcorn
*Chip shop cod batter removed with mushy peas
Ham, Golden Sun Golden Vegetable rice (Lidl) 3/4 Syn
Scotch Egg and salad 

Online Syns checker says this is free if batter removed. (14.5 Syns for medium and 18 Syns for large with batter). Mushy peas Syn free.


Chicken, roasted sweet potato, chips and peas
Ham, salad and potatoes
Spaghetti Bolognese with purple sprouting broccoli 
Bacon sandwich
Steamed cod, spicy cumin vegetables, mashed potato and parsnip and fresh broad beans

In Between

Brazil nuts
Tinned prunes
Müller low fat yoghurt

Total Syns this week = 67
Total weight loss = 1st 9lbs

Main Picture; Ham, salad and new potatoes; Top anticlockwise; Spaghetti Bolognese; Scotch egg and salad; Strawberries and Greek yoghurt; Grilled chicken, salad and Slimming World sweet potato curry; Slimming World Burger in wholemeal bun with salad; Sea bass, purple sprouted broccoli and new potatoes; Chicken, roasted sweet potato and chips.

I have enjoyed most of my meals this week. I definitely wouldn't spend 16 Syns on a scotch egg again though! My favourite was an adaptation of two of Madhur Jaffrey's recipes. Garlic chicken and spicy cumin vegetables. It isn't a fast meal to make but I loved it. 





  1. Well done with the weight loss....It's all that extra walking you have been doing. All the food sounds and looks amazing x

  2. That's a fantastic achievement! That chicken looks delicious, I'm trying diet coke chicken today, for the first time x


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