Tuesday 4 April 2017

5 Minute Games For Toddlers - Down The Drain Pipe


5 Minute Games For Toddlers - Down The Drain Pipe

This may take a little longer than 5 minutes to prepare depending on what you have lying around. Basically you need a pipe and some stones. We have chippings around the house that Bear liked to collect and drop down the drain. This was such a bad idea for so many reasons, most importantly I was worried that the drains would get blocked. To distract him we made him his own drain pipe.

I had some plastic water pipe left over from our new kitchen but if you do not have any pipe, cut the ends off a plastic bottle. It then needs to be fixed to any upright pole, I have railings and used tie closures but sticky tape would do. Place a container underneath and provide something that will go easily down the pipe. We use the chippings, Bear collects them himself and once the flowerpot is full I just empty it and we start again.

Do not be tempted to use marbles with little ones and supervise closely. Bear has never tried to eat the stones but if yours insists on putting everything into their mouths then a funnel and sand would be safer.

Just a pipe and some stones keeps Bear happy for ages

He likes to collect his own stones and we have a limitless supply

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