Monday 10 August 2015

Baby Led Weaning - A few tips


I'm not an expert on baby led weaning but I think we did something like this with our little ones, it just didn't have a name. It's all about safe finger foods and letting them feed themselves.
Bear is allergic* to strawberries and pineapple, such a shame as he loved pineapple, so we have been careful when introducing new foods. We do try to make his food when at home so that we can be sure he doesn't have too much salt, sugar or ingredients he could be allergic to but he does have jars and pouches too, especially if out and about. 

*Update we think he wasn't allergic but just had too much so got sore lips with the pineapple and a rash with the strawberries

Some of the foods Bear likes;

cheese sandwiches
French Toast (Eggy Bread)
home made sausages/ burgers
home made chicken and leek burgers 
home made quiche
muffins peanut butter and banana     
muffins apple, carrot and banana
baked potato
roasted veg
peanut butter on toast

It's good, really good

It's also very messy

Chips and yoghurt. Why not?

Its a messy business but he loves feeding himself.

Remember to never leave them whilst they are eating. They often gag when learning to feed themselves, this is normal and teaches them what not to do, but if they choke they need an adult close by. 

Not sure of the difference of gagging and choking? 

Gagging is a reflex to help stop choking, usually in this instance they have pushed the food too far into their mouths or pushed too much food in, they will make a noise or cough and push the food from the back of their throat to the front.

A choking baby will be silent, the food will be blocking the airway, they will look frightened and be unable to breathe. 

Not sure what to do if your little one chokes? The Red Cross is a great site with videos.

Some tips for happy Baby Led Weaning

1) Let them eat naked or if that isn't appropriate use coverall bibs, the one Bear is wearing is from Mothercare

2) Put a small cloth on their lap, it will catch all the bits that the bib lets through

3) Cover the floor with something, I bought an outdoor table cloth from Aldi's. It's made of nylon I think and only cost a couple of pounds. It washes well and dries quickly

4) Don't fuss about the mess. There is nothing wrong with a face full of yoghurt whilst eating chips

5) Be patient, it does take longer for them to feed themselves but its worth it in the long run

6) Forget about bowls, they just end up on the floor, just place the food on the highchair tray. Only a few bits at a time or you'll find that on the floor too!

7) If feeding non solids like yoghurt, try "baton feeding", that is you load a spoon and either give it to them or put it down on the highchair table for them to pick up, whilst they are eating that, reload. Expect lots and lots of mess with this whilst they get the hang of it but soon they will be eating faster than you can reload. Oh and Bear throws the empty spoon on the floor when he's ready for the full one, keeps me busy.

What foods does your little one like? Anything they really hated? 



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