Monday 17 August 2015

I love Monday's

Lots of people moan about Mondays. I love them.
I get to see my little Bear and have him for the whole day. I love Tuesdays and Wednesdays too, but Mondays are my favourite.

Why Mondays? Well I may not have seen Bear for a day or two and I'm fresh, I've had a nice lazy Sunday and a good nights sleep.

This Monday was one of the best. Bear arrived all smiles and happy at 7.15. Mummy and Daddy were a little bit late so he was still in his pj's all warm and snuggly. 

He cleaned his teeth and drank his bottle. He ate some oatibix and banana on toast. I love it when he has an appetite. We dressed him and played until 9am when he put his head down on the floor and rubbed his eyes. Time for a nap. 

He was tired, only a very badly timed poo stopped him from going to sleep, so a quick, quiet change of nappy and then back up to bed..........

An hour and forty minutes later (honest, I timed it!) he was awake. The sun was shining, it was too nice to stay in so he had his 10.30 bottle, albeit very late, and off we went to the park.

We are lucky living in Cardiff, we have lots and lots of parks to choose from. Today we chose Pontcanna fields. It has free parking and the river Taff and the Taff Trail running through it. It is possible to walk or cycle all the way from here to Cardiff Bay or the other way to Brecon without using any major roads, in fact most of it's 55 miles is traffic free.

Bear only has little legs so we decided not to attempt that today.

We had a lovely walk, watched children playing in the weir. Bear had lunch in the park, we left in a hurry so didn't think to take food for us. Bear rode on his bike, crawled on the grass and just loved every minute. 

Bear fell asleep in the car on the way home, his afternoon nap is usually about 2pm and it was now gone that so we stayed in the car and drove around the lanes of north Cardiff, through little villages and got home about 3pm.

Bear slept for about 5 minutes once the car had stopped, he does like the motion of the car to keep him asleep.

We all had something to eat. Bear had Cod, mashed potatoes and some of our tuna sandwiches.

We played until Mummy got here.

What a lovely day. Now you know why I love Mondays.


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