Wednesday 12 August 2015

Is Bear the cleverest 10 month old baby ever?

Well it's been a month since we started looking after Bear whilst his parents work. I can't believe he was 10 months old on 6th August, time really does go quickly when you're having fun.

We are still waiting for a dry day in Cardiff so we can get out and have fun in the sunshine. Rain is OK if you have wellies and a raincoat but if your main mode of transport is crawling rain is a real pain.

Bear is learning quickly though, only a week or so ago we were all going silly over the fact he could stand and make steps along the sofa, this week he's walking with us holding his hands. Walking is still too slow for him though so he quickly goes to the ground to crawl and he can do that faster than the blink of an eye.

He has learnt lots of games and of course is the cleverest baby ever born.

"ooh" we say "he's so clever" "ooh, well done" "ooh that's so advanced for his age" 

Bear smiles and claps his hands. He knows he's clever.

So what can he do and what games can he play? 

  • He can clap his hands
  • He can wave whilst riding a trike
  • He can dance to music
  • He can throw a ball better than anyone in the Australian cricket team 
  • He can throw a tantrum
  • He can say dada, baba and Gandad
  • He can say oh! O! when he throws something to the floor
  • He knows who we all are by name
  • He knows the cats name
  • He knows his name
  • He can mimic noises his grandad makes
  • He can shout louder than me
  • He can ping the door stop and make a racket
  • He can ping the stick men from his Galt pop up toy
  • He laughs at the animals dancing on the Fisher Price laugh and learn animals app on my ipad 
  • He can play peek-a-boo, or as we used to call it beepo
  • He can clean his teeth, yep they took a long time to come through but he has 4 and a 5th on its way
  • He can climb the sofa
  • He can throw yoghurt onto the back of his head with one shot
  • He can just lay back and be fed
  • He can hold his own bottle
  • He holds his hands out for "round and round the garden" and giggles before he gets tickled
  • He can kneel
  • He can walk holding onto something
  • He can put a ball in a hole

See I told you he was clever 

baby on trike waving
Bear waving like royalty whilst riding a trike
Baby in cardboard box looking up
Beepo! (yes it's a wine box, see my 10 essentials for grandparents)
Baby in highchair with toothbrush
Bear cleaning his teeth
Babies head with blob of yoghurt on it
Good shot Bear!

baby climbing the back of a black sofa
Bear climbing the sofa, Pen Y Fan next!

Baby in highchair leaning back with arms up being fed raspberries
Bear being fed like a Roman Emperor

baby feeding themselves with a bottle
I can do it myself
Is your baby cleverer* than Bear? I'd love to read your comments.

*cleverer, made up word, means more clever, cleverest etc.

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