Wednesday 26 August 2015

Things I Don't Like Today But May Love Tomorrow

Today I found myself swearing at an inanimate object. It was a metal door stop. What was it doing? It was holding a door open.

I know what you're thinking, how annoying! 

It annoyed me because it was metal and the door that it was holding open was to the bathroom. Sunshine (I'll get onto that next) was pouring into the house and this meant Bear was playing with my face rather than going for his afternoon nap. I couldn't just kick it away as I was bare footed and I couldn't move it because I had my arms full. Grrr.

Sunshine. How dare it! It's been dark and raining in Cardiff for days, and days and days. This morning Bear went for his morning nap and the upstairs was dark, I mean really dark, I had to prop open the bathroom door with a doorstop to let in a little light. Then what happened, the sun came out. Slowly just like sunrise. Yep, you've guessed it, a wide awake Bear.

Which leads me onto car seats and cars. The sun was shining so we all went to the park. It was lovely. We laughed at the ducks and smiled at all the old people. 

Bear was very pointy too. Finger pointing at a pigeon "Duck!", pointing at the dogs "Dat!" 

So we are all feeling happy when we get into the car for the short journey home. Bear falls asleep! NO! Don't sleep, it's only a short drive and it's lunch time. He doesn't listen to me he just sleeps and sleeps and sleeps. Even when we stop and the engine is off.

baby sleeping in car seat

That's ruined my whole day. Now he's too tired to eat because 25 minutes is not enough and he's too wide awake to have his afternoon nap because he had 25 minutes in the car.

Which leads me on to poo. I hate poo. Not because it's smelly or messy or anything but because it always arrives during a morning or afternoon nap. I hate poo! I hate poo! 

It took 35 minutes to get Bear to have his afternoon nap because of the stupid car and car seat. Then 10 minutes into it he is awake. You've guessed it, a poo!

I could go on but it's Wednesday, that means I do not have Bear tomorrow. Wednesday is my Friday.

Ahh! A very nice Peroni. 

"You don't like sunshine?" you ask surprised
"It's true. I don't, I love it."


a half full bottle of Peroni Birra

What do you love today?

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