Sunday 9 August 2015

Chicco London stroller - Hoop Review

We were looking for a budget buggy that had good reviews. this was on special offer at Mothercare at £49.99. Its not the best looking buggy but comes with foot muff, a rain cover and a small space on the bottom for odds and ends. It folds up easily even with the foot muff on. The muff is great, the top can be taken off to leave a nice lining for the buggy. I just wish it had 2 zips so it can be folded down. The rain cover looks very cheap and only just fits over the buggy and foot muff. We have only used it during a shower and it was OK but I do not think it would protect very well in heavy rain.

Picture of babies buggy with foot muff in black and white

It is quite narrow but Bear is tall and slim so it's OK for him. The restraining straps are a bit too long even at their shortest and seem a bit low so are below his shoulders. It has a 5 point harness so although not perfect they do restrain him. The seat reclines which is great for Bear to nap but when in the raised position it's still slightly leaning back which reduces the all round view for Bear. Something to think about is that it faces away from you, not a problem at all but a little strange as his buggy at home is rear facing. 

baby sat in stroller holding leaf in right hand

After a couple of months a wheel started squeaking but this was fixed with some oil. Mothercare did say that if that didn't work they would repair it for us and lend us a buggy whilst it was away.

baby asleep in buggy

Bear seems to think its comfy. The yellow strip is the edge of his Snooze shade, purchased separately.

Easy to fold
Space for odds and ends
Easy to push
Rain cover and foot muff included

It's a bit narrow
The seat doesn't go into a completely upright position
Restraining straps are too long and not in the correct position
Rain cover too small

Bear hasn't made any comment about this, he likes to go out in it. I think it's great for the price we paid.

This is my personal opinion only. I have no connection to whoever makes or sells this item. I bought it with my own hard earned money. I am not an expert in childcare or child equipment. I take no responsibility if you purchase this and you do not like it, your child refuses to get into it or sleep in it, it doesn't fit into your car boot or any other reason whatsoever. 



  1. amazing stroller, this is really good stroller, thanks for posting such wonderful stroller picture. Travel Stroller

    1. Thankyou. We are still using it and it's working great. Bear is now 18 months old and it still fits :-)

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