Friday 14 August 2015

Week 5 Cold Bear

Another week gone. What happened this week? Well to start with Bear had another cold. Now I know babies have to build their immune system but why all at once? Isn't teething enough?

Quite topically the BBC had a report on their breakfast show on Monday about how many weeks per year a family is sick if they have one child. 

Basically if a household has no children then they have 3 to 4 weeks a year of someone ill with a virus
Add one child and it goes up to 18 weeks a year
Two children - 29 weeks and
Three children - 30 weeks!

That's over half the year in a household with 3 children!

Now I think most of us knew that as soon as the little ones go back to school then everyone gets a cold or a sore throat or some other horrible illness but I didn't realise how much sickness just one child could bring, so I've decided to give Bear back........not really love him and his snotty nose xx

Worse than that, I've caught Bears cold. I like to think that I'm pretty resistant to coughs and colds and have been lucky to have avoided all the other ones doing the rounds. This did give me some empathy, I am blocked up, have a sore throat and a headache. Poor Bear.

So what have we done to help?

  1. Lots of fluids. Bear lost his appetite on Tuesday. He refused food but did drink his bottle. We offered water frequently too. Bear is good with a sippy cup and actually likes water so this was easy. Wednesday he was still blocked up so lots of water as he refused his bottles. His appetite came back and he ate really, really well. Why fluids? Although they can go a day without lots of food you do not want them to get dehydrated.
  2. Snufflebabe vapour rub. I am a great believer in Vick and this is the baby equivalent. I know some people scoff at the idea but put some on the soles of their feet as well as their chest. Yes it works, how? No idea.
  3. Rest and cwtches. Bear was very fussy and clingy, well I had no other plans so whatever he wanted he got. Oh and I don't believe you can spoil a baby or a child with too much love.
  4. Fresh air. I'm not sure if this helped Bear but it made me feel better. We were lucky to have sunshine (yeah!). A trip to the park, a go on the swings, a picnic in the garden.
  5. Paracetamol (Calpol) last resort. I didn't have to give Bear any as he seemed to be coping OK, he didn't have a temperature, he wasn't crying or grizzly (grizzly Bear lol!) but don't forget pain killers. Used in moderation they are a blessing, not the first thing to give but if Bear was poorly (like when he had ear ache) he would get it and at regular intervals too. 
  6. Baby wipes instead of tissues. Mummy suggested this. When we have a cold we use the tissues with balsam but a baby's nose is so delicate that we didn't wipe it constantly and when we did, we used wipes. It worked for us, Bear did not get a sore nose at all.
Baby holding orange sippy cup and drinking sat on a rug in the garden
Having a drink from his sippy cup
baby in sun tent in garden with orange bowl of food
In the tent eating homemade muffins
baby in buggy holding leaf with pram toy
Bear with leaf on the way to the park

Baby in swing looking right with adult stood behind
Bear watching the other children playing
If playing doesn't work then get them to help around the house.

Baby sitting in washing basket licking a red toy ball
Bear helping with the washing
baby sitting on floor holding tape measure next to baby gate
Bear helping Grandad fix a gate across the door
 After a lovely week we had the most amazing sunset in Cardiff. This picture really doesn't do it justice. It was taken with my ipad, no filters or other magic.

Pink, mauve, lilac, blue sky with houses silhouetted

What are your tips for getting through coughs and colds?


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