Tuesday 18 August 2015

A Cardiff Garden in August

Grandad loves his garden, Bear and I do too. We love to walk around picking flowers, smelling them. We love seeing the real Insy Winsy Spiders (no pictures of spiders, so don't worry all you arachnophobes!) and the bees and butterflies.

Picture of dark pink flowers with darker centre
Echinacea purpurea - coneflower

picture of flowers, yellow, white, orange and pink
Dierama - Angels fishing rods. Daisies and poppies from a packet of mixed seeds

picture of pink flowers with orange, white, blue  flowers behind
Pink Anenome - windflower poisonous! Orange flower - Montbretia

picture of flowers mauve, with leaves trailing over black metal balcony

picture of  the round head of a small bay tree
Laurus nobilis - Bay tree

picture of a passion flower against ared brick wall
Passiflora - passion flower

picture of white flowers on dark background
Hydrangea paniculata - Pyramid hydrangea

picture of pink flowers with green leaves
Hydrangea macrophylla normalis - Lacecap hydrangea

large pink flower head slightly hidden by green leaves
Hydrangea macrophylla - Mophead hydrangea
picture of baby sat on the grass in dungarees holding and looking at pink flower
Bear with a pink Cosmos flower



  1. What a beautiful garden and gorgeous flowers, you must love spending time there!

  2. Thankyou, we do and it was such a lovely sunny day today :-)

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