Thursday 27 August 2015

The Difference a Week Makes - 24th August

Its only 5 days really, not even a whole week since I looked after Bear last but I am amazed at the things he can do now. He's growing up too quickly. Soon he'll be a toddler not a baby and I'm feeling sad about that.

I'm also very proud and loving every little thing he masters. 

collage. Baby with book. baby hitting slit drum with sticks. Baby holding toy car.

So what can Bear do now?

He can point.

I mean really point. At everything. A book. A cat. The ceiling. The walls. Everything. Some of it has meaning like when his mummy gave him a choice between a jar or a yoghurt for dessert, he pointed at the yoghurt and then ate it!

He can say "Dat".

OK it should be "cat" but he knows what a cat is and using his new skill of pointing he can combine the two.

He can say "Duck".

We went to Roath Park on Wednesday to see the ducks. Its a word we have been saying a lot lately. Its in his books, on the Fisher Price ipad games and he has a large soft toy duck. 

He pointed at a pigeon and said "duck". He thinks pigeons are ducks too.

He can say "eye".

He was just jabbering away and then he pointed at his toy duck's eye and said "eye" and then looked at his grandad for approval. How clever is that? 

He holds out a book to be read.

If he wants a story, he will pick up a book and hold it out. I have to go to him, I'm still working on getting him to bring it to me. He will then sit quietly while it's read to him.

Baby holding out book to be read

He recognises a red balloon. 

Bear has a red balloon.

In his new book there are pictures of balloons, a green one, a blue one and a red one. He points to each in turn, I tell him what they are, and when we get to the red balloon he either points to or crawls over to his red balloon and picks it up! 

He can stand without support.

He forgets that he cannot walk and sometimes lets go and stands still for a second or two. On Tuesday he was standing with one hand resting on the foot stool and he looked at me across the room, he let go and was about to take a step... and he stopped. Just for a second so did my heart! 

He can use a spoon.

baby in highchair with spoon in hand and face covered in food

He can hold a pen.

He is almost able to scribble. He understands that a pen will make a mark on paper and he swipes it across the page but often has the pen upside down.

I wonder what new things he will be doing next week. 

baby holding pens in his hands and scribbling on white paper

What amazing things did your little one do this week?  You can tell me in the comments box below. I would love to know.


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