Sunday 9 August 2015

Tesco UPF 50+ Pop-Up Sun Tent Review

This was an impulse buy during a shop at Tesco. It cost about £15. The plan was to use it in the garden during the summer. I cannot blame Tesco for not providing us with a summer so we use it in the house as a "den".

baby sat in tent in garden with blue padded base from playpen

When we took it out of the box and put it together there was nowhere for the top pole to go. There should have been a flap that covered an opening for the pole to slide into but it was sewn closed and no velcro closure. It was returned to Tesco for a replacement, the replacement was the same but Tesco isn't our usual supermarket so I just did a little sewing to fix it.

When out of the box it just pops up into a tent. There are 3 poles, one for each side and one for the top. It comes with ground pegs and a carry bag. It is really light and in a strong wind would need to be anchored, it also has sand pockets to help weigh it down. I do not know how successful this would be as we haven't tried it outside but reviews on Tesco's website are positive. 

We fill it with balls and throw a sheet over the top to make a door. The base is very flimsy and as Bear crawls into it it gets caught and goes in with him so we put the padded base of the playpen in there, it works a treat! It also gives us moments of amusement when grandad tries to fold it back up to put it away.

baby in tent with lot of different coloured balls

UV protection
Very Light
Really easy to put up
Makes a great den

It wasn't made correctly so needed diy

Bear loves it, he was a bit nervous to go right in it at first but now is more than happy to play inside. I would definitely buy this, or something similar again. I was not put off by the fact that it wasn't perfect.

This is my personal opinion only. I have no connection to whoever makes or sells this item. I bought it with my own hard earned money. I am not an expert in childcare or child equipment. I take no responsibility if you purchase this and you do not like it, your child refuses to go into or play in it, if it blows away on a windy beach or any other reason whatsoever. 



  1. I learned how to fold a tent when my dad taught me how. I often tag along with my parents when they're camping until they divorced when I was 17. It was a fun time then so I make sure that every time I go out of the woods to camp, I know what and how to do it. Tents can be difficult to fold so we need practice to do so. See:

  2. The distinction comes from the fact that most tents are built with a waterproof bottom and non-water proof nylon/mesh sides. Double-walled tents come with an extra rain fly in order to hold back rain. review


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