Sunday 9 August 2015

Chicco Polly 2 in 1 Happy Land Review

We knew we needed a highchair for when Bear stayed with us once his mummy went back to work but had no idea where to start. They are so expensive or flimsy. We visited some high street retailers to get an idea of what we liked and saw this (in a different pattern) and liked it but it was £99.99, way too much. I was lured by the fact that it was adjustable and had a reclining seat. One chair lots of uses so maybe good value after all? I found it online in the Happy Land pattern at £69.99 and so bought it.

baby sat in Chicco Polly Happy Land high chair eating

My first impression was the weight! It weighs a ton, well 10kg's and it's huge. It may be very adjustable but the buttons that need to be pressed are really stiff and I found that I needed 2 hands to press a button. The tray clips onto the back legs for storage, hahaha! I even watched a YouTube video to see how that worked. True it does clip on and with practice it isn't that hard but at least once a week I call it names when I can't get it just right to clip on.

Bear sits really low in it and even with the booster cushion in place his arms are slightly below the tray so we put a folded towel under the cushion to raise him slightly.

The white restraining straps turned orange after the first meal, they cannot be wiped clean. I have put them in the washing machine but Oh the faff in taking them off and threading them through again just isn't worth the bother. The cushions have a thousand places for food to be trapped, as does the highchair.

The tray is large and has a removable top that can be washed under the tap so can be used to place food directly on it.

It has wheels on the back legs which are designed for moving it around when folded but we only use them to pull the chair closer to the table, this takes 2 people, one on each front leg.

The height of the chair can be adjusted to fit under a table but that can't happen with our table as it has a very deep ridge which prevents Bears legs from going underneath. It may work when he's bigger but it is only suitable for children up to 3 years old.

baby in highchair licking plate
Bear enjoying his yoghurt

Large tray, removable top
Wheels on the back legs so it can be pulled closer to the table

Food traps
Buttons too stiff for me to press

Bear likes it, he enjoys eating his food from the tray and throwing food from it onto the floor. Grandad doesn't mind it but he's stronger than me. I do not like it, I wouldn't buy it again. I don't dislike it enough to buy something else but I do wish I had spent my money on a different highchair. 

Bears mummy bought a Fisher Price Thomas and Friends booster seat which costs about £20 and is suitable for children up to 23 kgs in weight. If you just want something simple and not too expensive it may be worth a look.

This is my personal opinion only. I have no connection to whoever makes or sells this item. I bought it with my own hard earned money. I am not an expert in childcare or child equipment. I take no responsibility if you purchase this and you do not like it, your child refuses to get into it, it doesn't fit in your room or any other reason whatsoever. 


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